5 Things You Didn’t Know About a Mobile Signal Booster

When you can’t talk on the phone without being interrupted inside your house, when you have to run outside the office to get a Skype message, it’s still not a dead end. People use mobile signal boosters to combat this kind of signal trouble. However, all they know about this equipment is that in most cases, it can increase bars but not more. As a result, the notion of a signal booster gets overgrown with prejudices. We decided to make top 5 things you have hardly ever heard about a mobile signal booster so that you can check what you really know about this kind of equipment.  As an example, we use Hiboost mobile signal repeater produced by Huaptec. GSM Boosters won’t work if there’s no signal outside. We bet you were always sure that a mobile signal booster would improve a signal anyway, and how well it would do it depends on the booster’s quality. You’re partly right, but that is not the whole story. If you can’t pick up the signal outside your house at all, it’s a strong possibility that you won’t be able to improve cellular signal. It’s connected with the booster working principle. In fact,…

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Replace your TV with UhAPPy U20 LCD Projector

We usually try to expand your existing TV functionality with bright TV boxes that are fun, of course, but on the other hand, you are still limited to the TV size and location where you will have fun. Sometimes you may want to watch movies in a different room or even take out to some unusual place. In this case, you may want to consider a projector, which gives mobility, large screen, and tons of features. We are talking about intelligent projector, which doesn’t need any host device to send video stream. The projector itself runs Android, which is able to produce content on your wall by itself.

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Beelink MiniMX III TV Box with quad core 64-bit Amlogic S905

There are many TV boxes to choose and it may seem that the more expensive are better. This is not always a truth. Sometimes cheaper ones can give all you may need. This time lets take a look at Beelink MiniMX III TV Box, which uses the latest Android 5.1 operating system running on 64-bit quad-core Amlogic S905 processor. Beelink MiniMX III TV Box is capable of running any Android app on your TV flawlessly since it features a powerful processor, 2GB DDR3 of RAM. It already comes with 16GB of eMMC ROM, which can be extended with 32GB flash storage. It is rich in connectivity options like Bluetooth 4.0, 1GB Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI 2.0 supporting 4K video output, 2xUSB 2.0, and IR for remote.

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Math and probability behind the online casinos software

Understanding the math and probability behind the online casinos software can help a lot of people make much more informed decisions when it comes to which games they should play. Some people are interested in playing real money casino games strictly for the thrill of it, and in fact, most people will fall into that category. Other people are going to see the games in a practical light as well as a recreational light, and they’re going to want to earn some money off of the games. These people are going to need to work even harder when it comes to an understanding the math and probability behind the online casinos software.  

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Linear regression with multiple features

linear regression cost function

Single feature linear regression is simple. All you need is to find a function that fits training data best. It is also easy to plot data and learning curves. But in reality, regression analysis is based on multiple features. So in most cases, we cannot imagine the multidimensional space where data could be plotted. We need to rely on the methods we use. You must feel comfortable with linear algebra, where matrices and vectors are used. If previously we had one feature (temperature), now we need to introduce more of them. So we need to expand hypothesis to accept more features. From now and later on, instead of output y, we are going to use h(x) notation: As you can see, with more variables (features), we also end up with more parameters θ that has to be learned. Before we move let’s find relevant data that we could use for building machine learning algorithm. The data set Again we are going to use data set college cengage. This time we select health data set with several variables. The data (X1, X2, X3, X4, X5) are by city. X1 = death rate per 1000 residents X2 = doctor availability per 100,000…

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High performance Xiaomi Mi WiFi router 3

Xiaomi Mi WiFi router 3

There are very few houses that still use LAN connection for most network connections. It is impractical to use wires for several network devices like laptops, printers, TVs, tablets, and others. In smartphones and tablets, there aren’t other options than WiFi. The more devices you add to the network list, the better router you should aim for. Probably some of you had a situation when the most straightforward router couldn’t reliably handle several devices connected to the internet simultaneously. The only option was to upgrade to better, which naturally tends to be more expensive. The good news is that you don’t have to pay more to get a great router to handle the loads and deliver high speed to all your connected devices. Check out the newest Xiaomi Mi WiFi router 3, which comes with four high-gain antennas delivering better coverage with more robust signal and better sensitivity. The router supports the latest 802.11ac WiFi standard, which, by using 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, can deliver up to 1167Mbps in total.

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USB Boost Single Multi Power Kit assembly

multiple power supply module connected

One of my projects (AVR DDS 2.0) requires multiple power supplies that could supply +12V, -12V, and 5V. Back then, I have constructed a simple transformer-based power source with few linear voltage regulators. It works fine but is powered from mains 220V, which is not the safest solution to squeeze in to box enclosure. Another option was using the ATX PC power supply, which is too big. Banggood has been offering pretty attractive power supply kit which has a voltage boost circuit that raises voltage level either from USB or from the 5-24V jack. Power supply kit has most of the voltages that you may need including + 12V, -12V, + 5V, -5V, and +3.3V. It is capable of outputting 300mA per channel. Total power is limited to 10W, which is not bad and can provide a short-term high current single output, but be sure to attach included heat sinks to protect ICs from overheating. It is advised to keep the output currents of each channel to less than 0.2A.

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The best graphics cards for gaming

Ordinarily, you would expect your CPU to be the main driver of every function in your PC. However, when it comes to gaming, your CPU is virtually useless for your gaming experience if the graphics card is below par. A graphics card features a dedicated video memory and a graphics processing unit. It is the most vital component on your gaming PC. You won’t notice it’s important when playing simpler in-browser games, as provided on sites like bingosweets.com. Still, as soon as you fire up more demanding localised games, you will immediately see the difference between a high powered graphics card and a low powered one.

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Network attached storage (NAS) with Raspberry Pi


There is a Raspberry Pi 3 out there, which is much faster than versions 1 and 2. While latest two are faster than first model, I thought it would be great to give some purpose to first Raspberry Pi model B. We share several computers around the house and sometimes need simple file storage solution to make backups, share and store. Raspberry Pi model B is sufficient for simple Network Attached Storage (NAS) solution. Such network automation setup doesn’t need much processing power to manage the drive. And there is also an option to have a torrent client running 24/7. Another benefit of using Raspberry Pi is low power. Let’s go through all steps on how to set up Network Attached Storage on this Raspberry Pi. You can go with several different solutions for setting up NAS. You could go with cloud solution like Owncloud, which is similar to Dropbox. This might be convenient in many ways, but I would like to have the ability to use the drive as portable media when needed. In that case, I am going to stick with SAMBA server.

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