Do Smart Homes and AI go Together?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart homes are two hot topics in the digital world. Smart homes are causing groundbreaking benefits in home automation. AI is also being used in all kinds of industries to hasten and improve different types of processes. These inventions are changing the areas they operate in. But, will they work together?

What are Smart Homes?

A smart home consists of the many smart devices owned by someone. These devices use the Internet of Things (IoT) to communicate with each other. Because of IoT, you can track, monitor, and control a smart home product as long as you have an internet connection. According to a study done by, 76% of all smart home products in America are controlled remotely through smartphones.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is the technology that lends human characteristics to computers. It is used to help computers process information, anticipate, and react as humans would. A device with AI will learn through the information received. It will also learn through experience. Devices with AI will even show creativity in some cases.

IoT smart home

Devices equipped with AI can better themselves without outside interference. This technology helps to speed up the processes it’s ordered to improve. AI will only work within the parameters it’s given. It won’t work beyond the restrictions you have set.

Will AI and Smart Homes Work Together?

Smart homes were invented to help make life easier and cheaper. AI exists to make things easier, more affordable, and better. AI and intelligent homes seem to be a match made in heaven. These technologies will go together like peas and carrots. Both have the same goal. Innovative home products will provide the highly specialized hardware over which AI systems can work their wonders.

How Will It Work Together?

Without beating around the bush. Let’s make it practical. Let’s assume you allow your AI-enabled smart home products to operate on their own accord when necessary. Here are some examples of how AI and smart home devices will work together.

AI Learning Abilities

Your innovative home products are used often. It helps you around the house with daily chores. You also use some of the products for entertainment purposes. After a while, the AI system governing your smart home devices will recognize your habits.

You may be waking up at the same time every morning. The AI system will recognize your morning routine. Next, when you wake up, your intelligent blinds will open automatically, the smart coffee maker will start a fresh brew of coffee, and the traffic report will come on over your smart speakers with the latest news headlines.

Anticipation and Predictive Behavior

Your innovative home products will be able to make sure predictions based on the knowledge it has acquired. Your smart thermostat will, for instance, change the temperature inside the home based on the weather report.

The Best of Friends

AI and smart home products make a great team! Even businesses can benefit from it. See for yourself how your life will improve.

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