Hey, my name is Mindaugas. Welcome to my ScienceProg blog.

Few things about me:

  • Electronics and biomedical engineer (Kaunas University of Technology)
  • Interests in embedded electronics, signal processing, physics-based modeling, and web technologies;
  • I like making things. I also write tutorials to help other hobbyists make it work. It’s probably more writing than soldering lately.

Blogging and building websites also take part of my time. I remember when I first started with scienceprog.com in 2006. I had zero knowledge of how to set up a site and maintain it. So it lived through many changes and helped greatly in the learning process.

If you ask what I do besides electronics and blogging – the answer is everything — starting with being a husband and father of three beautiful kids and ending with wedding singer.

Currently, I am in my Ph.D. studies in biomedical engineering. Here are my recent published articles:

Check out the interview I’ve done for eeweb.com!

If you want to reach me, there are several ways:

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