The Cheapest Automatic Pool Water Filler!

You do not want to waste hundreds of dollars when buying a pool water filler, but you desperately need one to maintain your swimming pool water clean?

Well, your wish is granted, as today you’ll have a chance to build an automatic pool water filler, originally designed by Jon Rutlen. The point is that this pool water filler is extremely cheap – it only cost you less than $15! Yep, that might sound unbelievable, but it’s the truth.

This device is simply incredible, it automatically adds water to your pool when it gets below a specified level.


Here are steps on how to build this incredible filter:

  1. First of all, you have to cut the vertical piece of pipe, which is used to hold the entire assembly over the side of your pool.
  2. Next, add two 90-degree elbows to the vertical piece.
  3. Then, epoxy toilet valve into 90-degree elbow.
  4. Remember to cut two shorter lengths of PVC pipe and insert one into each of the 90-degree elbows on the vertical piece.
  5. Assemble the coupler, attach the hose coupler and toilet valve to vertical assembly.

In the end, you have to connect it to the hose and turn the water on. Test it out and adjust the height of the valve according to your needs! By using this automatic pool water filler, you can avoid wasting water by overfilling.

It is also essential to keep your pool clean. There are many options when looking for a pool filter/cleaner; why not look at comparing 10 robotic pool cleaners on Globo Surf. Robotic pool cleaners are effective at cleaning different sizes of debris. Additionally, they circulate the pool water when your filter is off.


  1. sure would like a parts list!

  2. Good idea but the pool sweep tangles up in it.

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