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Benefits of Using PVC in Piping Systems

PVC pipes were introduced in the plumbing system in the 1950s as a favoured approach for domestic water systems. Ever since then, a huge range of styles and size of PVC pipes are coming in the market.

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We need polyvinyl chloride to make these pipes. Polyvinyl chloride is a combination of plastic and vinyl. This material makes PVC pipes ideal for drainage lines, water systems and underground plumbing. If you live in the earthquake-prone area then PVC pipe should be your first pick since they cannot be easily moved or bent.

In addition to that, there are several other benefits of PVC pipes, explore some of them below.

Suitable for Drinking Water

The water that we use for drinking and cooking should be our priority. We should never compromise on its quality. You will be glad to know that PVC pipes are the safest option for the transportation of water. The high degree of inertness and resistance to corrosion, make PVC pipes highly favourable.

In addition to that, PVC pipes are free from bio-film contamination that can be a breeding ground for bacteria. In short, PVC pipes are good for public health.

PVC pipes are durable and Budget-friendly

The very first PVC piping system was installed about 80 years ago. You will be surprised to know that most of those systems are still in functioning. In fact, the estimated lifespan of a PVC pipe is about 100 years. It is safe to say that PVC pipes have a lower failure rate in comparison to other materials. Similarly, they are less expensive is we consider their lifetime and usage. The total cost of purchasing pipes, installing, operating and maintaining and dismantling the pipeline, using PVC pipes is lower in comparison with other material. In short, they are cost-efficient.

PVC pipes are Environment-friendly

Saying that PVC pipes are the best choice for the environment wouldn’t be wrong. They have considerable environmental advantages over traditional plumbing pipes. This is because manufacturers use low carbon plastic for making PVC pipes. In addition to that, PVC pipe’s manufacturing requires very less energy and fewer resources.  As they are low in weight so even less energy is required to transport them from one place to another. PVC pipes offer leak-free fittings. In this way, they save a lot of water. They are good for both environment and your utility bill!

We Can Recycle PVC Pipes

This is the best thing about PVC pipes that they are recyclable. You can recycle these pipes for several times without losing their technical abilities. You can also explore a wide range of PVC pipes and products find out more here!

To your surprise, people are recycling around 80,000 tonnes of PVC pipe in Europe, every year. They are using the recyclate of pipes to make new pipes and a wide range of other PVC products.

To ensure a high degree of safety and quality of the new products, manufacturers apply the traceability and certification schemes.

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