The Unbelievable Xbee 900 rf

You want to transmit some data across a long distance on a dedicated private network; however, you don’t want to run it over wires, where it could length up to miles? If you have no idea of what types of tools you should use here, you can consider this Xbee 900 rf!

With this Xbee 900 rf, it allows you to send data up to 15 miles (24 kilometres) without having to connect to any fussy wires at all. For your information, the Xbee 900 rf wireless module sends data over the 900 MHz ISM band and enable the information to be sent over a great distance.

The 900 modules can traverse up to 6 miles line-of-sight at up to 156 kbps. The boards are part of the hacker-favourite Xbee module series, and it makes it easy to connect these devices to a microcontroller.

For those that need to send private data between two offices across town but want to cut down their budget, this Xbee 900 rf is the most powerful little devices to do the task.

Overall, this Xbee 900 rf is the ideal device for solutions, especially those projects that require RF penetration.

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