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What artificial intelligence can do these days?

Artificial Intelligence is part of computer science program which deals in making machines behave and perform operations which a human being can perform. People have been trying to make machines behave like human for a very long time and today with the help of advanced computing people are able to achieve it. Artificial Intelligence in short is termed as AI. There are various departments where Artificial Intelligence can be extensively used. Out of all departments defense is one area where artificial department has been widely used.


Gaming is another department where artificial intelligence is getting used. Gaming is a very popular among youngsters and when these machines starts responding to human being’s request people get more exited. There is both advantage and disadvantage in Artificial Intelligence. One of the great advantages is that by using artificial intelligence technology we can make machines perform human being activities thus minimizing human labor. You can use machines to perform work which human being found difficult. Now a days human being can sit in their office and control their house computer. Not one researcher can invent an artificial intelligence systems, it takes years to build a proper and advanced artificial intelligence system.

Making a defense machine work like a human being is not an easy task. There are many researchers who have been working on this to build a machine which can perform the exact way a human being can perform. Now a days, machines fly outer-space where human being can never imagine of traveling. It’s all because of these artificial intelligence technology these things are possible. It is not possible to make a machine feel the way human beings feel but its possible to make a machine perform activities which human being performs. This is achieved with the advanced artificial intelligence systems. There are many robots which are being created by many scientists across the globe. They use many algorithms which are embedded into machine language thus making a robot perform activities like that of human.

Now a days artificial intelligence is being used extensively in defense, medical and research. With the help of artificial intelligence systems doctors are able to diagnose and operate on a human being without any complications. It’s a modern world and everything is being interconnected with computer. Thus people can buy anything from any corner of the world. There are machines which perform human being work like washing dishes, making coffee, cooking, talking on phone etc. Most of the companies prefer their work to be automated instead of manual thus minimizing human labor and also errors.

A machine once embedded with AI technology will generate proper report when compared to a human being with emotions. AI systems have to be checked before getting released. If an AI system is released with worm it can have a devastating effect on the network. There are many institutes which help people learn more about artificial intelligence and help in create an AI system. Artificial Intelligence is like an ocean and never-ending department. There are many more AI systems to be invented in the future.

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