The Cheapest Automatic Pool Water Filler!

You do not want to waste hundreds of dollars when buying a pool water filler, but you desperately need one to maintain your swimming pool water clean? Well, your wish is granted, as today you’ll have a chance to build an automatic pool water filler, originally designed by Jon Rutlen. The point is that this pool water filler is extremely cheap – it only cost you less than $15! Yep, that might sound unbelievable, but it’s the truth. This device is simply incredible, it automatically adds water to your pool when it gets below a specified level. Here are steps on how to build this incredible filter: First of all, you have to cut the vertical piece of pipe, which is used to hold the entire assembly over the side of your pool. Next, add two 90-degree elbows to the vertical piece. Then, epoxy toilet valve into 90-degree elbow. Remember to cut two shorter lengths of PVC pipe and insert one into each of the 90-degree elbows on the vertical piece. Assemble the coupler, attach the hose coupler and toilet valve to vertical assembly.

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