Xamarin Mobile Developers

If you haven’t heard of Xamarin before, you must have lived under a rock. Xamarin has been gaining more and more popularity among mobile application developers. The way this framework for cross-platform app development works is very simple, but the result you get will surprise you. You write one shared C# code having complete access to all SDK possibilities and native UI creation tools, and at the end you get a perfectly native mobile application.

Xamarin works wonders both as an Android development and as an iOS development tool. It is based on an open-source implementation of .NET – Mono. With Xamarin you can use native UI development mechanisms and native UI elements for each platform, and the UI code layer is the only one you’ll need to write specifically for each platform.

When it comes to the IDE, you can use either Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio as a part of business-license.

Xamarin also offers using its own store with various useful components – Xamarin Components. Xamarin Components is integrated in the IDE. In this store you can get components, written by Xamarin experts as well as third-party developers. Most of the components are free, but you’ll have to pay for some of them. However, not all elements are cross-platform, many of them are only available for one platform.

At the moment Xamarin is a top-notch technology for dealing with complicated tasks in the sphere of mobile development. More and more mobile developers opt for Xamarin as the main framework to create native-looking apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices. The Xamarin team is steadily working on improving the instrument, while the number of Xamarin developers are constantly increasing.

Freeze Pro Software employees have expertise in creating excellent cross-platform mobile applications using Xamarin. Freeze Pro Software is an outsourcing company headquartered in Lviv, Ukraine. Ukrainian software outsourcing is developing with unbelievable speed. Perhaps, it has something to do with the fact that the taxes on software development are very low in this country. Plus, when you look at the prices on IT outsourcing, you quickly realize that Ukraine is the top location among Eastern and Central European countries.

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