Product Design Services

Every day we see objects around us, the best of which possess a combination of functionality and aesthetics.  Turning ideas into innovative products is a task for industrial design specialists.  Product design service plays a primary role in this process.

The main challenge in product design is to make the future product attractive and functional at the same time.  The success of a product depends on appearance, ergonomics, and usability.  Therefore, product design today is trendy.

The main objective of industrial design is to determine the functionality and features of future products. In this regard, a product may be distinguished by its adaptability for mass industrial production. Tough competition demands advanced innovation from manufacturers to increase sales.  One strategy to maintain competitiveness is to develop a new design or upgrade an existing product. In turn, developing tailored solutions requires the use of experimental design studios and appropriate software.

An experienced designer is abreast of the latest consumer product development trends, evolving and emerging new materials, advanced technologies that can support industrial scale.  Equipped with these skills, product design specialists use advanced CAD software to design products to attract new customers.

Considerations for industrial designers include fashion, lifestyle, and other factors of potential consumers.  Also, in the design of household items, the main focus is on future product sales, resulting in a prominent commercial look.  It’s impossible to ignore these factors since the environment built with these products has to be comfortable and visually attractive for consumers.

People who work in industrial product lines are resourceful artists, designers, and production engineers. This knowledge can translate creative ideas and develop interesting, original products without compromising their functionality. During the initial phase of product development, a designer produces a simple sketch that communicates the future product’s main idea.  Later the sketch can be transformed into a concept.  Then engineers consider how the product will be manufactured and determine the final product design.

The next step is 3D modeling, 2d to 3d conversion, and visualization of the product, followed by a collaborative review with the client, and then prototyping.  Industrial design engineers plan the workflow so that the developed concept reflects the initial idea and can be manufactured with minor modifications.

Product design is ubiquitous.  It is widely used in industries ranging from automotive to consumer electronics to food.  Medical equipment, beauty products, home appliances, glass and plastic bottles, modern packaging, are all developed using product design services.

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