WiFi powered Xiaomi remote control gateway

In previous review we have talked about great WiFi router that can be enhanced with smart devices. One of such devices can be Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi remote control multi-function device. If you are looking for simple, robust and fun home automation device, this could be great choice.

Xiaomi remote control gateway

The main features of Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control are:

  • 1200 internet radio broadcast
  • small night light with adjustable RGB color and brightness
  • highly customization on doorbell ring – upload mp3 or record your own sounds
  • automatic nightlight function sensed with human body sensor
  • app based control
  • supports additional gadgets

The gateway can be configured through Android APP called MiHome which allows setting the parameters listed above and attach sensors that you may purchase separately. These may be previous mentioned human body sensor that can be placed near the bed which when sense movement turn night light on for safer movement. Also you can attach wireless switch that allows turning on and off appliances. Switch can also be activated by using phone app. The list goes on with windows/door sensor, air purifier, IP camera. It has many ways of customization and install. It can handle basic security functions, remote control, entertainment, and safety.

Gateway connects to sensors using wireless ZigBee module which is popular among hobbyists. The gateway is based on two Marvell processors: 88MC200-NAP2 ARM Cortex M3 micro-controller with 512KB SRAM, and 88W8801 Wi-Fi SoC which supports 802.11n WiFi. To power it you only need to plug in to wall socket. Then connect to WiFi network and configure it through Android app. For a such low price this device may be a great solution for basic home automation. GearBest offers great discounts for this product.

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