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WiFi powered Xiaomi remote control gateway

Xiaomi remote control gateway

In previous review we have talked about great WiFi router that can be enhanced with smart devices. One of such devices can be Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi remote control multi-function device. If you are looking for simple, robust and fun home automation device, this could be great choice. The main features of Xiaomi Mi Smart WiFi Remote Control are: 1200 internet radio broadcast small night light with adjustable RGB color and brightness highly customization on doorbell ring – upload mp3 or record your own sounds automatic nightlight function sensed with human body sensor app based control supports additional gadgets

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High performance Xiaomi Mi WiFi router 3

Xiaomi Mi WiFi router 3

There are very few houses that still use LAN connection for most network connections. It is impractical to use wires if you are using several network devices like laptops, printers, TVs, tablets and other. In smart phones and tablets there aren’t other options than WiFi. The more devices you are adding to network list, the better router you should aim for. Probably some of you had a situation when simplest router couldn’t reliably handle  several devices connected to internet simultaneously. The only option was to upgrade to better which naturally tend to be more expensive. Good news are that you don’t have to pay more in order to get great router that would handle the loads and deliver high speed to all your connected devices.

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45-nanometer Chips – The New Hope of Building Ultra-fast WiFi

When the chips are getting smaller and smaller, it’s a new challenge to create a nano-sized chips, but equipped it with a more powerful functions in the same time! Many researchers have trying to figure out the best way to create a compact nanometer chips since a few decades ago. In this case, a group of researchers from Belgian-based nanotechnology company, IMEC has discovered the potential for 45-nanometer chips. They found out that the new nano-sized chips are the perfect electronic components to be used for radio frequency applications. Stefaan Decoutere, an electrical engineer at IMEC described that the complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) chips, which are made by using a 45nm circuit etching method, are the newest and smallest generation of integrated circuits in the market currently! However, Mr. Decoutere said the evaluation of successive generations of CMOS chips for analogue are typically tends to lag behind their use for digital processing. In this case, the IMEC has figured out the ways to overcome the obstacle, by performing the validation of 45 nm CMOS for radio communications at the 60GHz frequency. They’d proved that in the long term, 45nm CMOS is the preferred technology, especially for the ultra fast…

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Stylish wind-powered wifi AP repeater

The fuel matter has turned into a global alert, where all of the countries around the world need to face the insane fuel price each day, either they like it or not. Many energy reproductive scientists try to find and exploits any kind of alternative energy that will be the best replacement for the fossil fuel. Unfortunately, they still on their searching paths.

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