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High performance Xiaomi Mi WiFi router 3

Xiaomi Mi WiFi router 3

There are very few houses that still use LAN connection for most network connections. It is impractical to use wires if you are using several network devices like laptops, printers, TVs, tablets and other. In smart phones and tablets there aren’t other options than WiFi. The more devices you are adding to network list, the better router you should aim for. Probably some of you had a situation when simplest router couldn’t reliably handle  several devices connected to internet simultaneously. The only option was to upgrade to better which naturally tend to be more expensive. Good news are that you don’t have to pay more in order to get great router that would handle the loads and deliver high speed to all your connected devices.

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What the NBN means for you

Over the past few years, the NBN rollout has had its fair share of media coverage. Some good, and some not so good. If the NBN has passed your home – or if it is yet to do so – you may have a number of questions regarding what exactly the NBN can offer you. Some questions are easy to answer. For example, questions regarding the download and upload speeds NBN customers can access compared to the average speeds currently available on older technologies. At the moment, the average download speed in Australia is around 14.2Mbps, but speeds vary across the country. In Perth, the average download speed is 9.8Mbps, in Brisbane it’s 13.5Mbps, in Sydney it’s 12.3Mbps, in Canberra it’s 16.5Mbps, in Melbourne it’s 12.0Mbps, in Adelaide it’s 11.5Mbps, and in Hobart it’s 13.8Mbps. In rural areas, speeds can be much slower. That’s something the NBN plans to fix. The NBN rollout is expected to bring high speed internet to every home, school and business across Australia, via a mixture of technologies depending on location. What about NBN plans? When the NBN passes a premises, the homeowner or business owner can choose to connect via the NBN provider of…

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Nanoscale Lasers – The Gateway for Faster Computer and more Reliable Internet Access!

Laser technology is no longer a brand new thing, but it’s still has the potential to be expanded and modifying into a higher level technology! In this case, the researchers from Arizona State University and Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands have been worked out together to create a much smaller laser type – The nanoscale laser! Cun-Zheng Ning, the professor in the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering in ASU’s mentioned that the nanoscale laser is way much powerful than the ordinary laser, which is significantly improve the performance of computers and speed up internet access! Mr. Ning said the lasers are very common in nowadays’ world. The laser technology could be found in many electronic and electrical components. The smaller lasers are normally being used in technology that enables communications across continents. The research team has been trying to make laser into the nanoscale, so that it can be used in the devices, which is compatible with smaller electronic components. The electronic devices can perform faster and effectively, if more lasers are used with these components! As a result, it speeds up the working of your computer and internet access up to several times. [sciencedaily]

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