The best graphics cards for gaming

Ordinarily, you would expect your CPU to be the main driver of every function in your PC. However, when it comes to gaming, your CPU is virtually useless for your gaming experience if the graphics card is below par.


A graphics card features a dedicated video memory and a graphics processing unit. It is the most vital component on your gaming PC. You won’t notice it’s important when playing simpler in-browser games, as provided on sites like Still, as soon as you fire up more demanding localised games, you will immediately see the difference between a high powered graphics card and a low powered one.

This piece takes a look at some of the best graphic cards in the industry today.


Launched in September 2014, the GTX 970 was released at the same time as the GTX 980. The 980 got the most attention due to its low power consumption and impressive performance. However, it didn’t take long for gamers to see that the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 is very close to the GTX 980 in terms of performance while being priced closer to mid-range Nvidia graphic cards.  It runs incredibly cool; it is quiet and also very power efficient.

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 TI

When it comes to 4K gaming, there is no denying the fact that it is still expensive, demanding and impractical for many. However, if you will embrace it right now, you need the very best single GPU solution for gaming. There is none better than the Nvidia 980 Ti 4K graphics card. It eliminates all the issues and complications that are common with SLI and CrossFire setups. It can deliver 4K, 60 fps in many games. It is equally power-efficient, overclockable and doesn’t creak under heavy load.


When looking for budget graphics cards, it is often difficult to look beyond Nvidia’s GTX 970. However, you can go lower in terms of price without a massive drop in performance by going for AMD’s R9 380 card. It is extremely cheap and can handle some of the most demanding games from 2014 at 1080p ultra. However, power consumption is a trade-off, so you should only consider this card if you don’t intend to do much mobile gaming.

These three graphics cards are the best you can find in the market for their price range, and we expect the situation to remain the same going into the second quarter of this year.

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