Invisibility Technologies

Invisibility is often used in movies to express a magical feeling in the minds of the viewers. The word ‘invisible’ itself is magical and needs a lot of connotation. When something is invisible, it creates a magical effect and a questioning mind, and this makes the viewers probe into the field of invisibility technology.

Really is there something called invisibility cloaking? Fictional movies have used invisibility cloaking to make something disappear for some time, and when the cloak is removed, the thing or the person appears again. In 2008, a physicist named Michio Kaku prophesied that a feasible invisibility device like the ones used in Star Trek could emerge from research laboratories. He also quoted David Smith of the Duke University who had used meta-material to bend light around an object. He also quoted that German scientists have found that a meta-material can make the red light around the object.

This has become true, and due to the advanced technologies and the developments in the scientific research, a real-world cloaking device has been created which has the capacity to obscure things to no less than one wavelength of electromagnetic emissions.

Invisibility technology uses a cloaking device which is an advanced crafty technology that makes an object such as an individual or a space ship to vanish or make it invisible, partially or wholly to the parts of the electromagnetic field.

According to the Rice University scientists’ recent findings, an invisibility cloak or the three-dimensional nanoantenna can make the object invisible from human sight. This is incredible. This was made possible by forming rightly aligned indentations in the material; the Rice scientists’ have channelled exact wavelengths of light from other directions into one consistent direction. The main reason for such a finding is the broad set of meta-materials with unusual and useful properties and features.

Since the first finding of ‘invisibility cloak’ in 2006 by the Duke University, scientists have been trying to create even smaller constructions to¬†control even smaller wavelengths of light, to create a proper invisibility cloak which could make things invisible in the visible array of light.

Even after all this finding, is the invisibility cloak a reality? People cannot imagine such a cloak coming to use. With the scientists at the University of Tokyo, the invisibility cloak has already become a reality. They have used optical camouflage technology to create the invisibility cloak.

Optical camouflage gives the same experience as that of Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, but it needs a slightly complicated arrangement. First, the person who wants to be invisible wears the garment which looks like a raincoat. When looking at the person with the invisible coat, the person will appear to be obscure.

What was made impossible with men in making objects and individuals’ invisible has now made possible with scientists using the advanced technologies and developments. Thus with two important things in invisibility technologies, namely meta-materials and channelling the spectrum of light in a specific way has made it possible.

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