New Technological Advancements Improving Health Sector

Imagine being diagnosed with a dreading disease. One that can literally take away the joy of life. One that can push you in a corner and make you feel irrelevant of the surroundings. But hey, you are not in the 20th century this is the age of technology. This is an era where medicines are not generic but tuned according to the body they are being administered into. No, this is no longer about being in the typical era of loneness; it is about advancing now. Protracted and more serious diseases these days are cured through this form of treatment called precision medicine.

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For say and god forbid if you are diagnosed with cancer, the doctor will advise you with precision medicine.  This type of cutting-edge treatment uses your genetic information, along with cues from your lifestyle and environment, to prevent and treat disease.

Is it doable?

Well, this is one question only your physician can answer too. Whether you are eligible and bear the personalized treatment still is a call you doctor can make and not you. No matter how much technological advancement we go through, there are aspects that today are dealt with precision and body needs, only after physical checkups. The doctor may collect some of your blood or spit. If you have cancer, the doctor may need to perform a biopsy procedure to remove a small piece of your tumour. The samples will be sent to a lab for analysis. In addition to talking about your health history, condition, and treatment options, they will have a few more questions to ask than usual.

The historical evidence helps the doctor pin upon several factors, ranging from smoking habits, drinking practices, sleeping patterns, and routine workout. The factors till today easily overrule all the drugs and medical gadgets that we have till today. That’s because precision medicine isn’t just about how your genes affect your health. It’s about how genes, environment, and lifestyle work together to make you more or less likely to get a disease or to find out if you’ll react better to one treatment than another.

The Herbal Way

While your doctor takes the important decisions and you prepare yourself for the process, there are several options that you can take upon and if you are by blessings healthy and fit there is a long list of precautions that you can adopt including herbal medication (after proper advice). The new field of precision medicine also has much larger schemes of factors to cover upon.

  • Find better ways to gauge your risk of getting a disease
  • Create screening tests that can spot disease before symptoms show up
  • Help parents figure out if they can pass diseases on to their children
  • How might this play out in the real world?

At some point, this prevention and curing will also need to address and incorporate herbal medicines. Either mankind will have to completely come over it or somehow raise the standards to new technological levels.

Suppose you go to a doctor and are informed of a certain level of diabetes. Add on, you are overweight, and blood sugar is on a continuous rise. You will be advised for many things that will include exercise and diet control. This is the point where prevention herbal medicine comes in as well. It’s up to you whether you do it or not, but imagine how much more that message would resonate if the doctor says your genes confirm that you’re more likely to get the disease than other people. You for sure, need a lot of consideration to be put in.

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