How to Improve Customer Relationships in 2018

When it comes to business success, customer relations can make or break a brand. The entire customer experience is taken into account whenever an individual decides to shop with your brand, and even the smallest amount of dissatisfaction can negatively impact the future. In 2016, studies found that 75% of companies said that improving customer experience was their top objective. This is unsurprising since customers who are satisfied with their experience are more likely to return, along with telling their friends and family. Satisfied customers may also leave positive online reviews, boosting your brand’s online presence and reputation. So, what can you do in 2018 to improve customer relations? Here are some suggestions.

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1. Invest in Good CRM Software:

Investing in a good customer relationship management (CRM) software for your business is an idea worth thinking about if you’re hoping to improve the customer experience in 2018 significantly. This software will help you design campaigns to reach out to your customers, improve their experience with your brand, and analyse the data to determine where your efforts need to be focused on achieving the desired results. For more information on choosing the best CRM package for you, check out this article on Salesforce versus Microsoft Dynamics.

2. Go the Extra Mile:

Whilst there’s a lot to be said for the amount of improvement that you can do today from the office using CRM software, it’s important to make sure that you are also putting a lot of effort in face to face with your customers. Whether you run an online brand or have physical stores, there are several ways in which you and your employees can go the extra mile for your customers, making them feel special and valued. For example, sending free samples of thank you notes with online parcels can be a surprise that many customers love. If your customers shop in-store, then focus on getting to know them individually to determine what you can do that will resonate with them the most.

3. Start a Loyalty Scheme:

There’s no denying that customers love bargains, vouchers, and any opportunity to save some money – who doesn’t? However, this can be a challenge for many retailers today when it comes to encouraging customers to stay loyal to their brand. In some cases, no matter how great your customer experience is or how valued your shoppers feel, lower prices elsewhere may be all it takes to lure them away. This is where loyalty schemes come in – they can significantly improve customer relations by ensuring that your customers feel valued and rewarded simply for choosing your brand over others. Please don’t give your customers a reason to wonder why they should continue shopping with you! A loyalty scheme that offers exclusive discounts and deals will keep them happier than ever with your brand.

If you found these suggestions helpful for your business, we’d love to hear from you! How do you plan to improve customer relations in the New Year?

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