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Future trends of online gaming technology

Online gaming is a big market which is constantly growing. The growth of smart-phone industry lead to different habits of managing money, doing business and gaming. If earlier gaming platforms were focused on desktop machines, now they shifting more to mobile platforms. This is a huge market and there seems to be an intense competition.


Since gambling is easier accessible and mobile there is a massive growth in interest on various forms gaming. 2016 in US the market was about $240 billion. And instead being local platforms online casinos are spreading globally. People are able to choose not a single platform, but use several at same time. Having multiple accounts allows finding best winnings every day. Some portals may have specials offers on Tuesdays while other on other days. Having the app collection on your smart phone you can always stay on top of winnings. Find more info here about mobile solutions and gaming apps.

The other important factor that pushes online gaming towards growth is virtual currency. If earlier there were only credit card or bank transfer available, now virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and other are making easier for people gamble around the world and in fact avoid fees in currency conversion.


Virtual reality is also gaining its speed. The VR glasses and helmets are good enough to experience the full potential of virtual world. This is a new and exciting way of playing online games, interact with virtual casino staff and feel like you are in real casino.

Globalization makes life easier for people, but harder for authorities that need to track the money flow. Collecting taxes from income made from gambling is becoming difficult. To track all things isn’t humanly possible and there is a need of software which is capable to deal with such data streams. There is no way to avoid using big data mining, machine learning algorithms in order to track activity in both sides.

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