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Future trends of online gaming technology

Online gaming is a big market which is constantly growing. The growth of smart-phone industry lead to different habits of managing money, doing business and gaming. If earlier gaming platforms were focused on desktop machines, now they shifting more to mobile platforms. This is a huge market and there seems to be an intense competition. Since gambling is easier accessible and mobile there is a massive growth in interest on various forms gaming. 2016 in US the market was about $240 billion. And instead being local platforms online casinos are spreading globally. People are able to choose not a single platform, but use several at same time. Having multiple accounts allows finding best winnings every day.

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Microcontroller based apps for android mobile phones

Recently I obtained a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 android mobile phone. It was released a year before but it seems to have enough power to run most of apps you can find around. It is powered by Qualcomm MSM7227 ARM11 processor running at 832MHz. Has internal 158MB of internal memory and can support up to 32GB MicroSD flash card. Other features include GPS, WiFi, 320×480 TFT touch screen, 5MP camera and so on. Device is powered by Android OS v2.3. These are specs you can find on any mobile website. To get your own Samsung phone, check out phones4u. Smart phone devices are as valuable as there are some useful apps there. So I started wandering if there are electronics/microcontroller related apps that could be useful in daily work. Lets see what can we find in app store. First of all we are interested in free apps. Search on AVR microcontrollers gave me coupe results: AVR Fuse Calculator and Using Atmega128 apps. Lets see what are they capable of.

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