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Self-repairing materials – car self repair

The vast development in the field of Nanotechnology has made it possible to develop a material, which can help in the process of self-repair to any damage caused to the car. The damage might be in any form such as the scratch, which has been formed in the body of the car. This self-repair process is analogous to the self-healing mechanism, which is found in the human body, in which the biological organism assists in recovery of the damage, which is caused to the skin. The material, which has been developed to inhibit the characteristics of self-repair, is polyurethane polymer, which has this remarkable property to repair itself when it is exposed to the ultra violet light. Polyurethane polymer- self-repair material This is a naturally occurring material, which is found in the shells of the crabs.

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Invisibility Technologies

Invisibility is often used in movies to express a magical feeling in the minds of the viewers. The word ‘invisible’ itself is magical and needs a lot of connotation. When something is invisible, it creates a magical effect and a questioning mind and this makes the viewers probe into the field of invisibility technology. Really is there something called invisibility cloaking? Fictional movies have used invisibility cloaking to make something disappear for some time and when the cloak is removed, the thing or the person appears again. In 2008, a physicist named Michio Kaku prophesied that a feasible invisibility device like the ones used in Star Trek can emerge from research laboratories. He also quoted David Smith of the Duke University who had used meta-material to bend light around an object and also he quoted that German scientists have found that a meta-material can make the red light go around the object. This has become true, and due to the advanced technologies and the developments in the scientific research, a real world cloaking device has been created which has the capacity to obscure things to no less than one wavelength of electro-magnetic emissions.

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The Advance Snow Lab Can Predict More Accurate Avalanches

If you’re being offered to do some researches, by studying the nature of avalanches, would you mind to risk your life on it? Well, you might say, “Why should I do it?” Do you know, Ed Adams, a 58 years old civil engineering professor has traded in his dynamite for a more challenging approach! He has used a $2 million new snow lab, where it’s aimed at gaining a better understanding of how avalanches occur. The National Science Foundation and the Murdock Charitable Trust funded the snow lab, where it has been named as “Subzero Research Facility”. According to Adams, this lab will help the experts getting to know the avalanches and more importantly, the best and more accurate ways to predict them. Avalanches are difficult to understand and hard to predict comparing to earthquakes, as they can be suddenly happened without even an early warning on it. According to the New York Times, there are totally 31 winter ski resorts should be pay attention with, 16 in the United States and 15 in Canada. The new snow lab will allow Adams and his colleagues to set the artificial sun at varying conditions to form different structures of snow crystals.…

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You Can Be Totally Invisible With This Invisibility Cloak!

If you a big fan of Harry Potter series, then you must be very familiar with his invisibility cloak, where he uses it to hide himself from being spotted by anyone else (Although Alastor Moody can easily penetrate it by using the magical charmed eye!) You might think that It is impossible to develop the invisibility cloak, as this stuff only exist in the magical world! Guess what, the scientists from Duke University explained how to hide objects from a dramatically extended range of wave lengths, and they informed that the invisibility cloaks for visible light could be done within the next six months! David Smith, the professor of Duke University said that the invisibility cloak will be accomplished within six months of time. This invisibility cloak has its own name, The Duke Cloak! According to the scientists from Duke University, if you want to manipulate light, the microscopic surface of a material must be smaller than the wave lengths of light that being used. If not, the invisibility cloak won’t work as it did. However, there’s still a limitation for this invisibility cloak, where it only works in two dimensions. The scientists have mentioned that they will gain up…

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The World’s Largest and Most Incredible Energy Particle Accelerator – CERN Large Hadron Collider!

Everyday, there are many incredible projects are under construction all around the world. The European Organization for Nuclear Research or also best known with “CERN” is the world’s largest Particle Physics Laboratory, which is based in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the Franco-Swiss border.

This organization currently has twenty European member states and has over 10,000 full-time employees, where nearly 80% of the employees are physics related field scientists and engineers.

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