Why Businesses Must Start Using Electronic Signature Software

Most of us are generally very happy about the end of a working week because we plan to spend a pleasant, relaxing weekend with friends or family members. We all love going for a hiking trip in the nearby mountains, having a barbecue in our yard, or just chilling with a good book or movie. It’s lovely to enjoy these days without thinking about work. Instead of going home or somewhere for a drink after a long week, you find yourself stuck in the office. You are swamped with a load of documents that you have to go through and sign.

electronic signature software

You have probably heard already about the best electronic signature software. But many people are kind of skeptical regarding the use of software that enables you to use this feature. A lot of questions are also raised regarding the legality of this technology. So, there is a high chance that you heard contradicting opinions. You can’t make up your mind on whether it is something you should introduce to your professional life. 

We want to tell you that e – signature software is a technology of the future. That is not as new as you might think but is as of recently rapidly getting popular. As far as legality goes, you should know that it is considered legal in most developed countries. Laws are also gradually changing in other parts of the world, as well. There are already numerous android apps, such as DocuSign application, SignNow app, and so on, that are using this possibility.

We understand your concerns and would like to share with you some of the findings we made during our research that changed the way how we feel about this software. We aren’t trying to persuade you to do anything. Still, in our opinion, it would be a pity that you enter 2020 without having information about something that can potentially make your life much more comfortable.

What Is This Software?

But let’s start breaking the mystery around by explaining signature software. First, it is crucial to say that it is a way for every business person to make utterly boring paperwork way less stressful and time-consuming. E- signature software or digital signature software put are technologies that allow you to sign documents in digital form. It means that your dream of not having to deal with all these papers all the time finally became a reality. 

Many are using these terms interchangeably, thinking they are the same, but in fact, there are differences. The main distinction is that electronic signature software is, for example, your name at the end of an email or picture of the signature you wrote by hand. A digital signature is an encrypted electronic signature that you used to sing digital documents.

Why Are E – Signatures Good for Business?

Reasons why signature software is becoming so rapidly popular, are numerous. We will list just some of them here to give you an idea of why this technology would also be useful for you. 


Nowadays, the main goal of many companies is to spread to other cities or countries, sometimes even continents. Whether you are only working towards it or you already achieved it, you know that effective and efficient collaboration between everyone involved is critical for a successful business. When you have to scan documents, send them by email, wait, or another person to print, sign, scan, and submit again, it takes a lot of time. Well, with this software, none of this is necessary. You send the documents, and the other party signs them immediately and effortlessly.

Branding the Business

You can decide to use email signature software for your business. It will result in branding the company and strengthening marketing programs. What it means is that you have higher security levels regarding your email communication and have total control over corporate email signatures. This software can design specific signatures for different departments, create attractive signatures, and do many other things. 


It is a very straightforward process that doesn’t take more than a minute. It means it is quicker than a handwritten signature. Everyone can learn how to use an electronic signature in a few minutes. After you have learned how to do it, the process of signing and sending documents takes only a few seconds. 

Work Paperless

Why would you be overloaded with all that administrative stuff when there is a much simpler solution thank technological advancement. You can spend all that time and energy that you would use on signing documents on some more meaningful work. Besides, if you stick to using papers, you have to think about organizing and keeping them safe. When you use e-signature software, you can also think of using small business – software that additionally helps you in your work. 

e-signature software

Higher Client Satisfaction

When you are running a business, you rely on the happiness and satisfaction of your clients and customers. Using this feature also helps them because it enables them to receive and sign any documents necessary wherever they are. If your partners are on a business trip or vacation and something needs to be urgently finished, they don’t need to go through the hassle of searching for printer/scanner and so on. Instead, they will have the chance to finish everything required in a matter of seconds, and this will increase satisfaction for both sides. 


Using this software is way more cost-effective than the traditional way of signing documents. Not just when you think about all the used paper but also postage, envelopes, stamps, the time you spend to go to the post office, and so on. 

Environmentally Friendly

Have you ever thought about how much paper we spend daily on all these documents? How many trees are cut for us to have all this paper and what it means for the planet? We can also mention the water. If you are an ecologically conscious person and want to have an eco-friendly business, you start using an electronic signature right now.

Safety and Security

Working with documents in traditional form always carries a risk that they will get stolen or lost. If it happens, your company can have big problems. It is something you don’t have to worry about when you work with digital documents because everything is securely stored and protected with fantastic security protocols.


As you can see, there are many advantages of using this software. Even we can’t say that it’s a precisely new technology, there are still many misconceptions concerning it. Still, you should let yourself be misguided by them. We can benefit from technology in many other ways as well, like, for example, with small business accounting software. Have you already tried using e – signature software? What are your experiences? If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact us.

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