Which are the Best Android Slots to Play?

As a slot player, you never know when you will get the urge to set about playing those types of casino games and will never know in advance until you start playing if today is your lucky day.

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However, if you do own a mobile device that uses the Android operating system and looking for the best android real money slots, on portals like SOS Game, you’ll find detailed lists of the best apps and slots available online.

Which Android Slots are the Most Popular?

I always recommend players initially play free android slots, as that way, they can then set about playing a whole host of them without having to risk any of their own money doing so.

That will then enable players to get the first-hand experience of playing all manner of different slots and pick out the ones that they enjoyed playing the most, and can then, at a time of their own choosing, play for real money if they ever get the desire to.

As for which slot machines that are compatible with Android mobile devices get the most attention from players, well it is without a shadow of doubt video slots that are the most popular.

The main reason players will always tend to make a beeline to play video slot games is to offer a range of different staking options. Thus they are suitable for all players, and they tend to have advanced graphics and animations compared to the older styled classic slots.

Plus, with bonus games, bonus features, and often progressive jackpots attached and on offer on those types of slots, players do get a much more entertaining and a much more rounded type of slot playing experience as well. 

Free Play Versus Real Money Slots

I do get asked a lot about whether there are any differences when playing android real money slots compared to playing them for free and at no risk.

It has been alleged that some casino sites will give their free play slots a higher payout percentage to give players the impression they are much higher paying games than they really are to lure them into playing for real money.

That is certainly not going to be the case if you play at a licensed and regulated casino site or app, as by law their slots, and for that matter, all other casino games they have on offer, must play and pay in the same way.

Therefore, by ensuring you make the wise decision of playing at licensed sites and on regulated apps, you will always get a true feel for the way slots and any other casino games have been structured and designed and how they play and pay too, even when playing them in a no risk-free play type of environment which is good to know of course.

New Types of Android Slot Machines

As new android slots get launched each day of the week, you may be eager to try out some of the latest slot machines on your Android device, and if you do, then you really are going to be spoiled for choice.

Some new slots that I have seen launched recently have an element of skill associated with playing them, often that is to be found on the bonus games many new slot machines have on offer.

Those bonus games will give experienced players a much greater chance of winning. The more they play off the bonus rounds, the better they will become at playing them, much like a Blackjack player, for example, becomes more experienced at playing the longer they play.

Plus, keeping in mind that one way to master playing skill-based bonus games is by playing slots that initially offer them free.

As a way, you can get to grips with playing them at no risk, and once you have fully mastered those features and bonus rounds, you can then give them a whirl for real money and stand a much better chance of winning more than you would without any experience of playing them off.

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