UGears 3D Puzzles: Mechanical Toys That Have Spirit

Three-dimensional puzzles are popular with both kids and adults. The Ukrainian brand UGears presents a collection of moving models made of eco-friendly plywood. 

3D Puzzle - a horse

Some UGears wooden model kits for adults and kids represent mechanisms that existed long ago, like a mechanic cash register, windmill, or even a Hurdy-gurdy. There is a choice of retro cars and trains in the collection.

What Makes UGears mechanical models Suitable for Different Ages?

There are different complexity levels in the collection of the brand. The approximate assembling time of a UGears mechanical puzzle can vary from an hour to 16 hours. It is tempting to say that more complicated models are produced for adults, and simpler ones are aimed at school kids and teenagers. But some adults lack the patience and determination of an 11-year-old, who is happy to get lost fiddling with a delicate task and has plenty of free time to do it.

The Reasons why 3d puzzles are Great for Kids:

  • UGears 3d puzzles are favorable for fine motor skills. Simple models are composed of two dozen parts, while advanced ones have more than seven hundred pieces.
  • 3d puzzles for adults and kids are good for learning patience and diligence. 
  • A mechanical puzzle is a fun way to learn about the past. It inspires a kid with human progress and the glorious history of engineering.
  • Wooden puzzles are fascinating, and their beauty is stimulating for the esthetic sense and taste. The fragility of a wooden horse or exquisite woodwork of a treasure box is breathtaking.

What UGears Offers for Adults

While all of the above could be beneficial for multi-tasking and stressed-out adult, additionally, UGears models offer them a chance to contemplate and relax. 

More importantly, 3d wooden puzzles for adults present them with the thrill of fulfilling a complicated task and the joy of possessing an admirable result of their efforts. 

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