OSRS Roving Elves Quest Guide

If you want to take a break from your search for OSRS gold and glory, then this a great quest series to be a part of. The Roving Elves quest is the sequel to Waterfall Quest and Regicide, in which players learn of two elves known as Islwyn and Eluned in the forests of Isafdar. The former is an older male elf who distrusts humans, while the latter is a young, compassionate female character. This quest tasks you with getting Islwyn to get over his prejudice against humans once and for all.

OSRS Roving Elves Quest

OSRS Roving Elves Quest Requirements

You will need to have completed the quests entitled Regicide, Underground Pass, Biohazard, Plague City, and Waterfall Quest for this quest. You will also need to have your Agility level up to at least 56, and you will require a spade, a rope, and the key and pebble you will pick up during the quest.

Starting the OSRS Roving Elves Quest

Both Islywyn and Eluned move around every few minutes, and you have a few options on what you can do to reach them. However, the most effective and easiest way is to go to Port Tyras and use a Charter Ship. You will need to spend 3,200 OSRS GP, but it is still the best route. This is because it takes you on a route that goes past the tripwire traps and takes the least amount of time.

What’s more, if you go down this route, you won’t need the level 56 Agility requirement to go through the dense forest, though you won’t be able to return to Port Tyras without the skill at this level. With that in mind, make sure to take a teleport with you.

To begin with, speak with Islwyn and tell the truth. You must then offer your services and be sent to Eluned, who will request that you find the consecration seed in Glarial’s Tomb. This will require you to beat the Guardian Spirit, so make sure you have many food, weapons, and armor before heading out to the tomb. If you don’t have Glarial’s pebble yet, you will need to go to the Tree Gnome Village and head down the eastern ladder near the loose rail. After going down the ladder, you need to head west to speak to Golrie to get the pebble.

Going to The Tomb

Make sure you haven’t taken any armor, runes, or weapons with you, and you won’t be allowed to use capes, bonus-giving gloves, or Ardougne cloaks. You will be required to kill a Moss Guardian unarmed, but you are allowed potions and food, the event RPG, monk’s robe top and bottom, the Graceful outfit, spotted capes, jewelry, Fremennik rings, and teleport tablets.

You can use the RPG event here, and prayer can be used, as well as a ring of recoil. Once ready, use the Barbarian Assault minigame teleport or a game necklace to take you to the Barbarian Outpost. To the left of the Kingdom of Kandarin, you will find that you can use your pebble on a tombstone, so do so, then head down the ladder.

Once inside the tomb, you will be met with two levels, 84 Moss Guardian, one to the west of the ladder and another just beyond. You can take advantage of their slowness, but they are accurate, and you will only need to kill one of them to get the consecration seed. There is a way to get one of the guardians lured to get stuck behind a pillar, after which you can take turns hitting it, then moving away and repeating. Alternatively, you could teleport to the Barbarian Outpost if you have the game’s necklace. Once you’ve died, they back down and attack the guardian until it’s dead.

The Consecration Seed

Now that you have the seed take it to Eluned. You can do this quickly by getting a ship to Port Tyras, and you will not have agility boosts to get through the dense forest if you are not level 56. You won’t need to be at this level to leave Port Tyras via the dense forest, as the skill level is only needed if you are entering the port through the forest. After you reach Eluned, she will enchant the consecration seed for you.

Since you will have finished the Waterfall Quest by this point, you should know where you are going. You will need to head to the Waterfall dungeon. If you have forgotten how to get there, go to the house northwest of the tomb where we obtained the seed, then enter it. Head west outside to the raft and head down the river until you crash. Use your rope on the rock and the dead tree to get you to the dungeon entrance.

Once you are inside, go to the room to the east. You will find creates here to the north, so search the ones furthest away to find a key. Go back to the main room and this time, go west. Head on past the fire giants until your reach a locked door. Use your key on the locked door and the door to the north. You may notice this area at the end of the Waterfall Quest.

When you spot the chalice, click on the seed while you are near it. This will see you digging a hole before burying the seed. A small crystal tree will begin to grow, so make sure you have your spade in your inventory. Head outside of the waterfall when it disappears and gets into the barrel.

Finishing the OSRS Roving Elves Quest

Head to Islwyn and get your rewards, a crystal bow or crystal shield. Don’t worry about which you choose as you can buy the other one later, and you won’t have to find OSRS gold for sale to afford them. The crystal bow may not be as good as the Twisted Bow, but it’s still worth having, especially since it’s needed for a hard task in the Western Provinces Diary.

For completing this quest, you will receive a quest point, plus access to crystal equipment and 10,000 Strength experience. You may have to part ways with some OSRS gold to make the most of this quest, but it is worth your time committing to, even for the rewards like at gry hazardowe za darmo 77777 alone.

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