Top Ways To Motivate Yourself To Achieve Your Goals

The mind works mysteriously when it comes to achieving your dreams and desires. Famous philosophers have constantly referred to a strong mind when making a decision and sticking to it. A weak mindset has often been known as a setback in our life. 


It’s not ironic when we realize that the strong mindset one needs is not something that we can achieve from medication or by reading books. It’s a daily process in which you have to follow yourself to keep yourself motivated. Motivated to reach your goals. This makes you in charge of your goals. 

How Does It Work

Well, you have decided to keep yourself motivated and make your dreams a reality. Hurray for you! This is actually the first step itself. Acknowledging that you need to change, that the current way of life is not getting you where you want to be. What next? Read along.

Set Your Goals One At A Time

It is all easy to think of the final place you want to be. In a castle upon the mountains overlooking the sea, sipping your sangria as you watch the waves crash. That’s all good, but how do you intend to do that? Where will you start? A famous quote by Maxime Lagacé, “The fastest road to meaning and success: choose one thing and go all-in’,” is a good way to start. Know that one thing you can do, one change you can make, will help you start your journey to your final goal. Learning a skill expertly will ensure you have the knowledge to do something in the best way, and as you get better, your finances improve from that skill. This will pave the way to better financial goals and get you closer to your dream.

Remove All Negative Elements

Do you have friends that keep putting you down? Are you in an environment that is negative? Sometimes we don’t realize it, but we are in a toxic environment that stops us from being motivated. Working from home sounds like a great idea, but maybe the constant disturbance, the availability of your comforts, and the casual work atmosphere bring you down. Try to find people and places that motivate and inspire you. It could be going to the gym every day, taking a walk, or even just making a workroom in your house which is completely dedicated to working. Ditch the pajamas and dress up when you wake up. 

Follow a Routine

This doesn’t necessarily mean waking up at 6 am when you are clearly not a morning person. It includes making a routine where you feel you can do things with your best energy. Research has proven that many people can do their best work at night. So no worries if you are a night owl. However, it is important to get a schedule that doesn’t only revolve around work but your overall atmosphere. Getting a daily bit of exercise or walking to calm you down can be more beneficial than you think. Too bored to go on walks by yourself? Tip: Get a dog. Not only will they be happy to go out for a walk with you, but they make exceptional friends who are always positive and happy to see you. 

Reward Yourself Time To Time

Yes, remember those little treats you got from your dentist every time he approved your brushing methods and keeping your teeth clean. Rewarding yourself when you finish a certain task or attain a goal can boost your subconscious by providing a sense of completion. Hard work accompanied by rewards keeps you going towards your goals and removes the monotony of only working all the time. It will help you associate good feelings to a task when done and motivate you to jump on your next goal with a more positive feeling. 

Set A Deadline for Yourself

This has to be the hardest part of motivating yourself to achieve your goals. There is no boss to check when you are working and being productive. Distractions, on the other side, can lead you to procrastinate every day. Even worse, if it includes any task that you particularly don’t like. To take matters into your hands, you have to be the boss of yourself. This is easier said than done. Making deadlines for yourself and making sure it’s done is a hard principle to practice but definitely one that will go long term in your goal achieving journey. 

Know Your Why’s

Sometimes we make a goal just because everyone around us is following it. For example, make a lot of money. So you, too, jump on the bandwagon and burn the midnight oil to make a lot of money. When you receive the finances as per your desire, they are then left in your bank account. It brings no change to your life and adds no steps towards your goals. This leads to being discouraged as you have achieved your goal, but it brings no positive impact. Know why you are working on your goals; maybe the money is an addition to the downpayment of a new house, or maybe you are targeting to lose some weight to go trekking on a mountain you always wanted to as a child. 

Not All Days will Be the Same


We are not battery-operated robots. After all, being human involves human traits too. Some days, no matter what you do, you will not feel motivated to do a task. Give yourself a break. Learn to be easy and kind to yourself. There will always be another day to be fresh and even more motivated to do your task efficiently. It happens to everyone when you have no energy to do anything. This could be a sign from your body saying that it needs a break and wants to relax. Listen to it. Enjoy the seaside or play your favorite video game instead of being miserable while doing your work. Trust us, and you will thank us later!

While it seems easy to start this new journey towards achieving your goals, know that motivation and momentum will take time. So relax and enjoy the process of change bit by bit. 

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