What Services do Employers Use for Background Checks?

Credit checks and police checks are different from background checks. Specifically, when running a background check, you’re using mainly public sources to get information about someone. Moreover, background check sites allow employers to verify information provided by job candidates. Sometimes, they can help employers learn important information about their potential hires. Then, they’re able to make the best possible employment decision.

Job applicants can run self-checks to see the information available about them. Our choices for the best background check services this year include Check People, among others. Read on to find the best option for you.


ADP is a suitable option for small and medium-sized businesses. This company is committed to helping the small business sector streamline recruitment and navigate obstacles. Employers who choose this service can complete payroll quickly, thanks to the powerful and highly effective technology utilized. In fact, ADP makes it possible to process payroll anywhere and anytime. Besides, support is available around the clock. You can automate any recurring payroll. Finally, accurate screening is guaranteed by the integrated HR and hiring tools.

Check People

Tens of thousands of employers use Check People to assist them in making sound hiring decisions. The service includes accurate employment screening but can also help you track down a former coworker, classmate, or loved one. Results are reliable and accurate, and the service is intuitive and comprehensive. You won’t waste time going down to the county courthouse for records or with prolonged internet searches.

VICTIG Screening

VICTIG is a highly intuitive and well-integrated pre-employment background screening tool. It helps verify data provided by job candidates and offers drug screening. Compliance and turnaround are the areas, in which this service truly excels. In addition, this solid tool has impressive industry accreditation as well.


This service not only offers unlimited background checks in addition to a vast array of self-monitoring tools and high search capacity. If you need to run checks often, this is probably the best choice. The service’s screening options get information from public and private databases to help form a complete picture of a job candidate. It can pull information up from very obscure sources. Unfortunately, it’s also a little expensive. Therefore, TruthFinder is the best option for larger companies.


GoodHire is a specialized employment screening tool that tens of thousands of companies resort to in their quest for quality employees. It helps avoid bias in the recruitment process. Depending on your needs, you can choose between different types of checks. The process of use is apparent and outlined in detail. Your results will be processed quickly, and you’ll be informed as soon as they’re ready.  


This provider is best at verifying or revealing employment history, the area where job candidates are most likely to provide misleading information. If you need a basic search, look no farther than BeenVerified. If you need more, you can pay for a further search on property or business assets. However, this service lacks individual reporting. You can choose between a recurring one-month subscription and a three-month lump sum option. Typically, its results are accurate with very reasonable fees.  

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