Tips to increase the battery life of electric car

People who own the electric car are usually overwhelmed by the legitimate concern of whether their car’s battery will last long or not. It often depends on how you deal with your vehicle’s battery. Every car owner knows that it is essential to ensure the proper management of the battery of the car. The following are a few tips that will help you increase the battery life of your vehicle.

charging the battery of an electric car

1. Prevent the battery from full charging

When a battery of a device is used up to its maximum capacity, it is likely to get damaged earlier than expected. People usually like to fully charge the battery because they think that charging 100% of the battery will consequently give them more time to use the battery. However, this affects the battery of the car badly

It is recommended to everyone that they should not charge more than 80% of the battery. Pushing the battery to its maximum capacity is harmful to the battery.

2. Do not depend on thermal management of the battery

Electric cars usually have a thermal management system by which the battery’s temperature is maintained at an optimal level. When the battery becomes too hot, the thermal management system of the battery starts working and cools down the car. If you park your car in the scorching sun, the car’s thermal system will start running that will result in drainage of the battery. If you don’t want your battery of the car get drained quickly, do not rely on the heat management system

3. Don’t use DC charge

DC charge is usually the first choice of the people because it helps them charge the battery of the car quickly. However, it has several shortcomings, and the car pays for this convenience in the long run.

When you use DC charge for charging the car battery, it decreases the capacity of the battery by one percent each year. Moreover, if you don’t use DC charge, you are likely to have a healthy battery of your car even if you use it for ten years straight.

4. Use a quality car charger

No matter you want to use electric car charging for electrical and small business or your domestic usage, you will always need the best charging station for your electric vehicle. The voltage of the electric car station must be proportionate to the capacity of the car battery.

The bottom line

The tips that have been provided can be very useful for you if you want to increase the battery life of your electric car. However, these tips will work not necessarily for every car battery because the working of the battery also depends on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers provide the battery that lasts for more than 10 years, even if you use it without following any tip. Some manufacturers don’t offer such a long-lasting battery.

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