TheWiSpy Review: Affordable Android Monitoring App for Parents

If you are tired of searching for a quality yet affordable android spy app for monitoring your kid, then you came to the right place. Parents turn to spy apps after trying every possible tactic to get involved in children’s lives to ensure their safety. But, on the other hand, kids don’t allow folks to solve their problems or even share with them what’s bothering their lives.

Android Monitoring App for Parents

That’s why android tracking apps are the new sensation for controlling kids and keeping an eye on them. TheWiSpy is a high-rated monitoring app that parents use around the globe. In addition, it has exceptional features and flexible pricing that can be a perfect fit for parental monitoring.

TheWiSpy- Quick overview

TheWiSpy lets folks updated on the android, either online or digital, activities of the kids. It has numerous effective features that make remote spy work; it provides quality results with 100% accuracy.

It works in incognito or, in other words, stealth mode that makes it unbeatable. You can secretly get all the information from the target cell phone in seconds. You can get a detailed report about calls, messages, live location and even use remote controls to manage target screen activities.

TheWiSpy affordable price plans:

One of the huge reasons why is the number one choice to spy is its affordable price plans. However, it’s hard to find a perfect plan that fits your needs because android monitoring apps are for specific use. For example, as some are for parental controls, some are used for employee monitoring.

What if you find a suitable spy app, but it’s not flexible to your requirements like time limit or pricing? Forget all your problems because TheWiSpy has three different flexible and affordable price plans.

Basic package

TheWiSpy offers the basic plans that have all advanced and updated features. Such as you can track messages, calls, locate your kid’s hangout spot, and can monitor other things in a hidden mode. It is the best choice if you want to control your child’s online activity without getting caught. Either it’s your toddler or a young kid, you can spy on them without any restriction. Also, you can get the kids monitoring app’s basic package in three different pricing range and subscription time limit.


A one-month plan for a basic subscription is available for $19.99 only. You can get the necessary features and use them without any limit.


You can get the same plan with all the features for 3-months, but there is a restriction, and that is you have to pay more. You can get this plan for $49.99 only.


Getting a 6-month basic plan is better than extending a 3-month plan because it is more convenient, and you’ll save money and time from re-subscribing. Get yourself this plan for $79.99 only.

Premium package

Sometimes getting information isn’t enough; as a parent, you want the best for the child, and you might need to take control in your hand. TheWiSpy android monitoring app premium package offers all advanced features along with smart remote controls.

You can make changes on the target device remotely, such as delete files or block contacts. Apart from that, you can also click pictures through the camera remotely, unbelievable, right? But it is so much possible with TheWiSpy parental control app. The premium plan is available in three different types of subscriptions.


If you need a high-quality TheWiSpy plan for a short period, then choose a 1-month subscription plan. It’s for only $29.99.


Enjoy unlimited remote parental controls for straight three months for $59.99 only.


The six-month premium plan is available for just $89.99, where you can spy through an advanced and remote feature on any android device.

Starter package

If you never used a spy app to monitor your kid, and you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you need to. For example, if your child is behaving abnormally or scared, then you would want to ensure everything in their life is okay. Don’t waste your money and buy expensive and long-term kids monitoring app, instead get TheWiSpy starter package.

15-days plan:

The starter plan is available for 15-days only; you can get your subscription with all the advanced and smart feature that other packages have. You can get it all in just $9.99.

TheWiSpy supported features:

Call spy

The most used feature of TheWiSpy in all plans is to record phone calls; this will help you monitor your kid’s phone call exchange history. You can get full details of the caller, for example, caller name, phone number, and even the duration of the call. In addition, you can view history that will show you the consistency and timing of the incoming and outgoing calls.

SMS spy

Use TheWiSpy android monitoring app to read text exchanges of your child. You will get full access to read the conversations, either its default SMS app or social media messaging feature. You can backup messages on your TWS account and view them after the target may delete them.

Social media monitoring

Social media impact young kids; it can be a friendly space to chat and connect with friends. But it opens up danger for children. Teens are harassed every day on the internet from strangers and cyberbullies. You can protect kids from harm by monitoring their social media activity. TheWiSpy offers the best parental control app feature where you can view and control kids’ activity. 

Web browser history controls

Teenagers start to explore erotic content on the internet, and there are various websites holding such content. Of course, as a parent, you can’t ask kids not to use a web browser. That’s because the internet is a huge platform for learning, and this generation needs it to do homework using online media. But what you can do is use the web browser history control feature; you can view browsed data, saved cookies, and most importantly, block inappropriate websites.

Location tracking

TheWiSpy offers a live location tracking feature, and you will get updates on the current area where your kid is present. It is the best app to monitor kids because it offers you access to your child’s phone map. Let’s suppose your child is on a trip, with the help of a tracking feature, you can locate every site in real-time. Besides that, you can get a detailed report on the visited areas with time and duration using the location tracking feature.

Geofencing alerts

TheWiSpy is ahead of other competitors because it offers modern and enhanced geofencing feature. For example, you can restrict your child from certain areas such as nightclubs or dangerous sites. To ensure they’re following your rules, you can put geographical boundaries on the map using the geofencing function.

Whenever your child breaches the restricted zone, TheWiSpy will send you an alert. Moreover, you can save your kid from harmful situations through TheWiSpy free spy app for android undetectable.

Remote controls

Surround spy:

You can use TheWiSpy advanced surround spy feature to record and listen to surround conversation. Imagine your child is meeting a stranger who you suspect to be harmful. You can install TheWiSpy kids monitoring app on your phone and use this feature. The default microphone will start recording, and you can listen to it later.

Camera spy:

Using TheWiSpy remote control, you can click a picture sitting far from the target device. It won’t open the camera but secretly capture photos.

Video recording:

If you want to keep the stored video of the target device on the account, you can easily record it using TheWiSpy video recording feature. You can activate it from your TWS account, and the screen will start recording the video.

How to set up TheWiSpy?

Set-up on the target device:

Step 1:

Firstly you need to register to TheWiSpy and go to the official website and purchase a suitable plan.

Step 2:

Install the application on the your child’s phone or tablet. First, get your child’s phone, and that should be unlocked to proceed. When you register, you’ll get an official email with a link; clicking this link will automatically start installing the app.

Step 3:

You will have the installed app on the target phone in minutes. The target won’t know about the app because it’s good at hiding and performing in hidden mode.

Set-up on end user’s device:

Step 1:

The hard part is over, and now you can fetch every piece of information from your kid’s phone. But first, get your account all sorted. Next, open a web browser using the TWS dashboard link; it will take you to a dashboard. Finally, provide asked information about the target device and yourself.

Step 2:

You’re all set to start monitoring; use unlimited TheWiSpy features from the dashboard to get information in real-time. You can sit in your office and find out the current location of your child through TheWiSpy account.


TheWiSpy is undoubtedly the best app to monitor kids that offer 30+ parental controls. It has quality features in reasonable price plans that make it easier to choose TheWiSpy. You might find some good hacking apps online, but they hardly stand a chance while comparing them with TWS. Customer trust is the most valuable part of any app, and TheWiSpy has great customer service. So don’t stress around and make a wise choice by getting the best parental control app.

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