Best ASO Tools – 2021

ASO – App store optimization is necessary for the app or mobile game’s success. Forgoing perfect, it is the wise step to utilize ASO tools. They are considered valuable and helpful for improving the app visibility boosting conversions. If you seek help to select the best app store optimization tool, check out the list discussed below. But before that, gain some information on ASO tools.

There are two huge ways to let people know about new mobile applications to install them on tablets and smartphones. It may be via advertising of any type or through a built-in search on the app store. App installing obtained through app stores with some built-in search is known as organic app installs.

ASO is the best way to acquire organic app install. It is the optimizing procedure of a mobile application’s marketing for ranking on the top position, usually known as app store SEO. And suppose you are a developer trying to make your app rank out in the crowded app store. In that case, the perfect app store optimization tools play a very influential role in your app marketing, helping boost your app’s visibility by increasing downloads’ number. But, on the other hand, if you are not getting the full benefit of organic app installing from an app marketer, you miss out on a deal on your users of the best app. So check out the list of best ASO tools you need to install from the app store.

Top ASO Tools In 2021

App Radar

App Radar is one of the best ASO tools, and their trustworthy clients are Arise,, Mixvibes, iTranslate, Kolibri, and Meister. As you might know, successful optimization of app stores comprises relevant keywords attracting high-quality users and audiences. With app radar, you can find out the correct keywords easily for your mobile game or app. You can also find our relevant keywords. As a result, your app ranks high comparing it to your competitors.

Critical features of App Radar

  • Huge keyword database
  • App store ranking tracking
  • Keyword analysis
  • Optimization of keywords
  • Real-time app store ranking
  • Research in brief
  • Management of ratings and review
  • App localization management

Preapp – Popular As A Best App Marketing Tool

The best app marketing platform for businesses to launch and promote their app to boost the downloading number gaming sales. From the first app creators to hundreds of thousands of apps, PreApp signature programs have helped to reach over 550,000,000+ downloads.

PreApps takes the first-time app business owner via seamless and unique procedure launching their app successfully by reaching the business’s goals.


Split Metrics

Split metrics is the best ASO tool to boost organic traffic, reducing user acquisition costs. It is used by Wallapop, Mytona, zimad, Lovo, Lab Cave, Fruit Ninja, and MyTona. The best part about Split Metrics is that it enables you to know how users interact with your app store page. For instance, you can track how long users are watching your promo video or whether they are just scrolling via screenshots. It will give you a detailed insight into user behavior and the app store page elements triggering the most conversions.

Key features

  • Analysis of User behavior
  • Prelaunch app testing
  • A/B tests
  • Test various locations
  • Testing of the prelaunch app
  • Optimization tips of app store

ASO Desk

It is one of the most excellent ASO tools having many valuable features used by many famous companies such as Abbyy, Mamba, Verv, Split Metrics, Yandex, Playkot, Zephyr, Appyfurious, and Kaspersky. Here, you can find out which queries users are using when searching for your application in the app stores. You can also see which keywords your competitors are getting ranked higher. ASO desk will lead you to identify queries with the lower competition that are easy to get ranked for.


It is another best ASO tool helping you improve the app store’s visibility by getting ranked for the correct keywords used by some companies such as StubHub, Zynga, CNBC, Scopely, NBC Universal, Home Advisor, and CyberLink.

With the algorithms and data of Gummicube, you can improve all elements of app store optimization with app title, keywords, app logo, screenshots, and rating reviews. You can find out the best keywords optimizing all the assets for boosting conversion along with A/B testing. You can get feedback from real users via focus groups and surveys.


Key features

  • Conversion optimization
  • A/B multivariate testing
  • Creative asset optimization
  • Keyword optimization


Apptweak is also known as the best ASO tool for games and apps. Some of the clients of Apptweak are PayPal, Yelp, Amazon, etc. The keyword research and suggestion tool helps developers to find out relevant keywords for their app. As you know, the intelligent keyword strategy is necessary for ASO to help your app to get to the top of the searching results. This app uses Apple’s search popularity to show you the search volume for every keyword. In addition, you can check out the difficulty score for keywords helping you choose keywords that have the best chance to get ranked.

Key features

  • Organic installs per each keyword
  • Keyword research and suggestion tool
  • History of keyword ranking
  • ASO timeline
  • Analysis of keyword impacts
  • Visibility score
  • Category rankings
  • App download with revenue estimates


AppFollow provides developers all the tools needed for organic user acquisition, and some of their trusted clients are Disney, Sony, Vevo, Flo, Autodesk, Hubspot, and many more. This app claims that it can raise weekly impressions by five times with the increase in the number of installs by 490% higher, including the increase in conversion rate by 11% on average. Additionally, you can track the most critical KPIs such as conversion rates, changes in keyword positions, and downloads with this app.

Key features

  • Competitor analysis and overview
  • ASO alerts in email and Slack
  • Track App performance and KPIs,
  • Conversion rate benchmarks
  • Keyword research automation
  • Featured app alerts

Thus, this list of top ASO in 2021 will be helpful to select the suitable app store optimization tool for your requirements within your budget.

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