The Steady Rise of Location Independent Work

The past year has seen a significant change in working habits as the shift to remote working is well underway due to the pandemic forcing a change. Still, there has been a steady rise in the number of people turning to a location independent approach to work over the past few years as digital nomads become more common.

work from anywhere

A growing number of resources, which you can find some here, have helped others make the shift. But what are the reasons for the growth seen, and can the change that has been seen continue?

Flexibility with new scenery

The standard 9-5 is quickly changing as many workers look for opportunities to add more flexibility to their schedule and to have a little more choice around some of their days today. It is indeed a space that has encouraged the growing number of digital nomads to have more control over their schedule whilst enjoying the scenery for doing so, the opportunities to travel and fit work around their lifestyle rather than the other way around, many indicate they are much happier and much less stressed than ever before because of the change.

Plenty of success to be found in the online space

With online businesses as a whole on the rise and other forms of media such as podcasting and streaming becoming so valuable,  there are more opportunities than ever before to find success in the online space, mainly if the services you offer aren’t location dependant, with many even thriving on the ability to travel and show various locations regularly. All of these different opportunities are available to many different demographics too. So success isn’t entirely limited to one singular audience, which provides seemingly limitless possibilities.

It’s getting cheaper, and easier to do so

Price is a common factor when deciding to make the change to remote working. With the newer visas becoming available to enable remote working in many various locations worldwide and adjusting costs that make it easier to do so, it’s certainly more appealing than a simple holiday getaway, particularly in the medium term. Much of the shift has happened for those looking for a better quality of life at a lower cost than their home country, which has become particularly true in many parts of the west.

As a wider shift to remote working continues over the next year, these opportunities will likely continue to grow and present themselves more. There’s certainly plenty of options out there for those looking to make a significant change to their day to day lifestyle and abandon the standard 9-5 working day.

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