The Most Loved DOTA 2 Heroes

More commonly referred to as DOTA, Defense of the Ancients is one of the most popular strategy-based RPG video games. Valve Corporation developed it in 2003 and since then has become the favorite of gamers.


It is one of the world’s biggest tournaments, and you can watch your favorite superstars play the game.  New versions were released over time because of its constantly growing fame, the most recent being Dota Underlords, which was released in early 2020. Currently, there are 11.19 million players in the game.

However, what we are going to talk about today is Dota 2, which first came out in 2013. Today, it is so popular that there are even esports bookmaker sites where you can check  DOTA 2 betting odds and then bet on DOTA 2. Let’s take a look at six of the most loved DOTA 2 heroes below.


The first on our list is Pudge. He is a creature in Quoidge who takes charge in dismembering and disemboweling the fallen fighters on the battlefield. Pudge “The Butcher” is a melee strength hero. This means that his strength depends greatly on the weapon, which is a meat hook in this character’s case. This is also where his signature skill lies. Basically, the Meat Hook skill will launch towards the set direction and pull whoever it reaches back to Pudge.

In total, he has been used in over 814 million matches, earning a pick rate of 34.77% from more than 700 million users.

Phantom Assassin

Moving on, we have the Phantom Assassin. Her real name is Mortred, but she is raised to have no identity to perform her assassin role. The Phantom Assassin is also a melee hero, except that it increases her agility more than her strength. This makes her a melee agility hero. Her weapon is a stifling dagger that is thrown at an enemy. The attack slows down the enemy’s movement and conjures instant damage – the intensity depends on the items.

This hero has been played in almost 580 million game matches with a pick rate of 24.76% from 500 million players.


The Sniper is the next most loved hero in the game. His real name is Kardel Sharpeye. He is a condemned sharpshooter who was believed to have brought a grave omen and dark prophecy to his land. He was once the most excellent sharpshooter of his kind. Sniper is a ranged agility hero. He gives off more significant damage in long-distance attacks compared to those of short-range.

About 557 million matches involved Sniper. His current pick rate is 23.80%.


Carl, more recognized as the Invoker, is a genius when it comes to memory-involving magic. He has memorized the most spells in his entire hometown, which allowed him to use each instantly. He doesn’t try to hide that he is under a longevity spell to enjoy his life in the world. This hero lies in the category of ranged intelligence. He has a unique build as his skills involve 14 abilities that can be acquired throughout the game. This also allows him to have four skills instead of three.

The Invoker has participated in 542 million matches. He has also earned a pick rate of 23.17%.


The fifth character that we are going to talk about is the Juggernaut. His real name is Yurnero, and he is the last practitioner of rituals and swordplays and is known for hiding his face, if he even has one, behind a mask. Yurnero is another melee agility hero who uses a sword with Blood Fury’s name to conquer the enemy units. The skill involving this weapon surrounds the Juggernaut with a bladestorm which provides immunity to magic skills and damage to nearby enemies.

This character is played in 501 million matches and has garnered a pick rate of 21.40%.


Lion, who is given the title of the “Demon Witch,” is the last one on our list. He was once a righteous Grandmaster of the Demon Witch until a demon corrupted his mind through his ambitions. Long story short, their partnership didn’t work out, which led Lion to commit demonoplasty. This cost him his body, which was transfigured in the process. The Lion is a ranged intelligence hero. This entails that Lion relies on spells to attack his enemies. Although his significant role in a team is supported, this doesn’t erase that his spell skills are offensive and do significant damage to opponents.

Lion has been present in 385 million matches and has a current pick rate of 16.45%.

The heroes listed above are arranged chronologically according to their number of matches. If you ever decide to go for esports betting at VulkanBet, you can choose to bet on these characters, especially if they are played by the best gamers out there. Nevertheless, they are some of the most picked because of their ease of mastery and damage deals. The data presented are also from Dota 2’s official statistics.

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