The Fastest-Growing Companies in Canada (2020)

Besides being a wonder of nature, Canada is a country that hosts many start-ups. Hundreds of new business ventures in various industries start in this country each year, and some are much more successful than others. They grow rapidly. So, which companies were more successful in 2020 and went from a start-up to a real business?

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We answer this question by providing a list of the fastest-growing companies below.

Marlin Spring

Marlin Spring is not actually a new company: it was founded in 2013 in Toronto. However, in 2020, it has grown incredibly into one of Canada’s largest real estate companies. To give an idea, let us state that the company’s projects so far are worth approximately 4 billion Canadian dollars. Marlin Spring is currently running 30 projects, and more than 130 industry professionals are working within it. The reason for the company’s rapid growth is because of the change in its area of ​​activity. Marlin Spring was initially interested in low, mid, and high-rise real estate projects in the Ontario region. Still, it has also started to deal with multi-family rental properties in North America in recent years. This change has allowed the company to grow rapidly and put it at the top of our list.


Ottawa based Fullscript is a software company that was founded in 2011. It develops a wholesale ordering platform for pharmacies and grocery stores. It is possible to order 500 different ingredients and 300 other ready-to-use medicines through this platform. Pharmacies using the platform also get online sales software for their websites. They can also put their products for sale online, and the platform can automatically place new orders by tracking the inventory. What’s more, it’s possible to send reminders and recommendations to patients automatically. For example, a patient running out of medication may receive a reminder message for a refill. It’s possible to use the basic version of the platform for free, which is the biggest reason for Fullscript’s popularity.


Founded in 2014, Flexiti is a financial services company headquartered in Toronto. It is possible to qualify this service as a hybrid of “electronic wallet and credit card.” The company has a payment card called FlexitiCard, but this card does not belong to VISA or MasterCard. It is provided by the company itself and can be used in over 5,000 retail stores in Canada. However, this is not a prepaid card and can be used as an actual credit card. Even if you do not have a balance, you can shop and pay your debt in installments. For the same reason, a credit check is required to get a FlexitiCard. If you get approved, your card will be delivered to your address within a few days. It is possible to define the service offered by Flexiti as a credit card that does not require a bank account. Though it’s quite convenient, it can’t satisfy all needs of modern Canadians yet. For example, if you are a casino player and want to fund your casino account to play online slots real money games like Book of Rebirth, you won’t be able to use FlexitiCard for this.


Shipfusion is a Toronto-based multi-channel retail platform founded by three partners in 2014. However, it works quite differently from classic eCommerce platforms. When you start using Shipfusion, you send your inventory to the company and leave everything else to them. When you receive an order in your online store, it is packed, shipped, and delivered to the address by Shipfusion. Of course, payment is also processed on the platform. As a store owner, you can follow this whole process step by step through the Shipfusion software. Since you get rid of inventory and delivery management problems, you can focus on growing your business. Shipfusion employees also handle the integration process so that you can integrate your existing store into the system in a short time.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation may be the only non-Toronto-based company on this list. The headquarters of this advertising agency established in 2014 is located in Mississauga. Viral Nation is an influencer marketing agency, which means unlike classic agencies, it works with social media celebrities and promotes products and services through them. If you have a new product you want to launch, you can have an influencer with a million followers to use it and promote it. In this way, you can reach your target audience directly and get more efficient results than classical advertising campaigns. Viral Nation’s customers include famous brands such as Bud Light, ViewSonic, Aston Martin, and Victoria’s Secret.


Have you ever had the problem of wandering around the city and not being able to find a parking space? Honk solves this problem. This is a mobile app, and it has more than 150,000 reserved parking spaces in almost all of North America. You install the application, see where the nearest parking space is in real-time, and rent it for as long as you want by making a small payment. Honk guaranteed that the parking space will be empty, and each region has separate fees. If you want, you can also rent a specific parking lot for the long term, in which case you can pay a discounted price. Honk also offers parking spaces that can be rented by QR code scanning without installing the app. You can see the “Pay For Parking Here” signs almost anywhere in Canada. Those signs mean that Honk maintains the parking space.

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