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Setting up Tiva C Launchpad project template with Sourcery Codebench and Eclipse

Tiva C series TM4C123G (MCU:TM4C1233H6PM)Launchpad is updated version of Stellaris Launchpad LM4F120 (MCU: LM4F120H5QR). Practically this is due to TI’s choice to change the name of the product line. Such action led to some confusion, especially for software developers. This means that software libraries had to be renamed, software tools adapted, and so on. Since this work is most renaming things from one point, this is an easy task; from another point, it may be tricky to check all corners. So if you just into Texas Instruments ARM Cortex microcontrollers, it is better to start with the Tiva C series and forget Stellaris. Otherwise, this might get confusing to switch from one to another. At the moment, TivaWare 1.1 still has some issues due to migration, but most things should work fine. Let’s try to create a project template for Eclipse IDE and Sourcery Codebench Lite GCC compiler tools. First, you need to download and install Eclipse with CDT C/C++ tools (Eclipse Indigo includes this). Next, you need to install the latest Mentor Sourcery Codebench Lite. Also, download and extract TivaWare for the C series, where all libraries and examples are located. To Flash microcontroller, download LM Flash Programmer. Other…

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