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USB Ultrasound Imaging Became Possible with Smartphone!

In the past, it’s impossible to combine the medical and technology fields together. However, thanks to the advent technology, most of the impossible mission becoming possible, especially in this bizarre 21st century! The concept, “Cell Phone as a Platform for Healthcare” had been worked out since few decades ago. However, due to the lack of technology, it has been postponed for a very long time. Today, a group of talented computer engineers from the Washington University in St. Louis are invented the minimalist approach to medical care and computing. They’d successfully combined the USB-based ultrasound probe technology with a smartphone, which is enabling a compact, mobile computational platform and a medical imaging device that is only the size of a palm! The fantastic duo, William D. Richard, PhD. WUSTL associate professor of computer science and engineering and David Zar, Richard’s colleague have made commercial USB ultrasound probes that compatible with Microsoft Windows mobile-based smartphones. For enabling the commercial USB ultrasound probes work with smartphones, the duo had to figure out the way to optimize every aspect of probe design and operation. They need to overcome those consequences that might happen, from power consumption and data transfer rate to image formation…

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The BrainSUITE neuro-imaging

Brain tumours are one of the most difficult medical conditions to diagnose and treat. Brain surgery, for obvious reasons, is complicated and very risky. Luckily, modern-day developments in medicine can make performing brain tumour diagnosis and, more importantly, brain surgery easier and less risky. With a combination of advanced electronic tools and a doctor’s skills and technical knowledge, there can be better prognosis for brain cancer patients.

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