Common MRI Problems and How to Deal With Them

In most cases, your MRI scanner might experience downtime when you are in the middle of a scan. It can be embarrassing, especially when patients grow impatient, and you have no idea about how to troubleshoot the problems. Luckily, this article will take you through common MRI problems and ways to deal with them. 

MRI scanning

Heat Exchanger Errors

In some scenarios, the water being pumped might be extremely hot, and as a result, the MRI machine might stop scanning and lock itself altogether. The scanner will resume operation once the temperature returns to normal. It would be best to contact an MRI coil repair technician who will check the heat exchanger and inspect whether the LCD is lit to resolve the problem. A certified technician will save you money, and they understand the importance of patient health; thus, they will work fast to restore normal service. It’s also essential to perform regular maintenance on the chiller. 

Image Artifacts

The problem is often a result of damage done on the coils in the MRI scanner. The coils are easy to replace, although you should consider performing regular checks. Consult a certified service provider who can anticipate the problem before all hell breaks loose.  

Issues with Power

Most facilities often complain about power glitches that might cause the scanner to restart or shut down. There are several reasons why the MRI experiences power issues; you might have outdated software, or there might be a power surge that causes the malfunction. You can do very little to prevent power outage, but it’s always recommended that you reset the circuit breakers and perform regular checks to ensure that they are in perfect condition. You should also consider updating the software regularly and checking whether the computer has any malfunctions to prevent such incidents in the future.  

Low Helium Level

The MRI machine can alert you when the helium level drops. The problem could arise when you fail to monitor the scanner and perform regular checks. Also, it could be an indicator that the cooling system has problems, and as a result, helium burns faster. If you encounter such troubles, you should consider refilling your reserves.

Too Many Vibrations 

Facilities often complain about intense MRI vibrations that often cause too much noise. It’s important to note that the machine generates a magnetic field, and the process consumes too much energy. Several cooling mechanisms are employed to control the heat and allow normal operations. With poor maintenance of the cooling head, the chances are high that your scanner will have a poor cooling mechanism and generate excess noise. You should consider performer routine checks and resolve noises when they start. Also, consult professionals who can perform routine maintenance to ensure that vibrations never arise.

MRI scanner in progress

MRI scanners always experience problems, but it doesn’t mean that all operations should come to a standstill. All problems have a solution. Once you experience any of the above troubles, you can perform a routine inspection, but it’s important to contact a certified technician to be safe.

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