Full Body Scanners – How do they work?

The new full-body security scanners might become a popular alternative to body searches with the increased alleged terror threats worldwide. The full-body scanning system has taken the world by surprise in the past recent months. The most advanced method of whole-body imaging technology involves scanning the whole body through clothing, revealing both metallic and non-metallic hidden objects, including weapons or plastic explosives. The U.S. Transportation Security Agency (TSA) had already tried this concept of whole-body imaging at six airports in mid-2009 to look for threats that typical metal detectors could not find. The process to install these scanners at more airports in several U.S. cities is already heading rapidly, with the recent alleged unsuccessful terrorist attempt on a Christmas Day flight to Detroit. To combat this threatening problem and for the people’s security, the TSA has worked with two essential technologies to upgrade its passenger screening systems- the Millimeter-wave and the Backscatter X-ray.

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