Slot site features that are put in place to protect punters

We all want to feel safe when playing slots online. As players, we can all do our bit to ensure that we are as secure as possible, but the casino sites themselves want to keep you safe too.

Did you know that there are certain features in place on casino sites such as that are specifically tailored to keep you, the player, safe?

If not, take a look at these everyday features to see if you recognize any.

Terms and Conditions

This is an obvious feature and one that not a lot of slot players pay any heed to. In fact, not a lot of people do in any instance.

These terms and conditions are laid out almost instantly when a player signs up to the casino site, and for a good reason. They detail all of the legal matters to do with playing slots online and what the player is actually signing up to. This written agreement binds the slot player and casino site into a deal that states they will abide by the laws in the terms and conditions.

It might take a long time or be extremely boring, but I recommend every slot player read the terms and conditions when signing up to play slot online. They are there for you after all.

Payment options

Another feature that goes over most slot players’ heads, the multiple payment options are implemented by casino sites to protect players.

You can choose to pay with a third-party account if you are unsure about online security. This means that the site does not get your bank details. Better yet, you can pay with your phone contract, removing the need to make lots of deposits. Less deposit activity means there is less activity in your account overall.

These might be subtle but offering slot players different ways to pay for their slots is a way of protecting them.

Deposit limits

Some casino sites limit how much a slot player can deposit on their site in one day. It might be small or large, but it is not done out of spite.

These deposit limits are again put in place to protect us as players. Anyone susceptible to addiction is prevented from spending too much money on a slot game. They cap out and are prevented from gambling further.

Also, it stops the fraudulent activity. If anyone manages to hack into your account, it is far better that they only spend £30 on slots online instead of everything you own. This gives the slot player and casino site time to report and notice the fraud. They can then shut down the account.


You may have come across some of these features when playing slots online and dismissed them. Now you can see why these features exist. They are for us and our security. In other words, we should be giving casino sites a lot more credit.

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