Payouts On Progressive Jackpot Slots

Jackpots are becoming commonplace in slot games, and although there are various jackpots up for grabs. It’s the progressive jackpots at Bezy that hit the headlines. They are constantly increasing or progressing from their very name because part of each player’s staking cash is added to the prize fund.

If the jackpot isn’t hit by anyone for 6 months plus, then the amounts can be huge. This adds more fuel to the fire, as punters chase ever-increasing and often life-changing prize money. Whether they fall randomly or need a special sequence of symbols to land precisely on the reels, it is not uncommon for progressive jackpots to surpass the £ 1 million mark regularly. 

Big Progressive Jackpot Winners 

It would come as no surprise to discover that Las Vegas is home to some progressive jackpots. The most famous is the state-operated Megabucks slots, and this jackpot system encompasses over 700 land-based slot machines. It has been making millionaires even before a virtual slot saw the light of day. 

One lucky punter has actually won the Megabucks jackpot twice. In 1989 Elmer Sherwin won $4.6 million when hitting the Megabucks jackpot, and then again in 2005, he repeated this but won a staggering $21.1 million instead. The jackpot surpassed this figure in 2003, and one punter left Vegas $39.7 million richer. 

Progressive Jackpots Online 

Cash Splash, released in 2004, was the first online slot to feature a progressive jackpot, and this game was actually an updated version of the slot with the same name that was released in 1999. The 2004 version came armed with two more reels and a progressive jackpot prize thrown in for good measure. 

When it comes to online progressive jackpot wins, the biggest ever was recorded in 2015 when British punter Jon Heywood won £13.2 million on Mega Moolah. This animal-themed slot looks pretty standard fair on first viewing, but it hides progressive jackpots that regularly top £1 million. The thrilling addition here is the inclusion of a randomly triggered jackpot wheel that hides various jackpots, including the big one. Other slots have also made punters millionaires thanks to huge progressive jackpots. These include Mega Fortune by NetEnt and Hall Of The Gods that won a Norwegian gambler € 7.4 million. 

Jackpot King 

One of the most famous of all the progressive jackpots online is Blueprint Gaming’s, Jackpot King. This is best described as slots included as part of a jackpot network that runs across individual casino platforms. What is different here is that the actual progressive jackpots do not belong to the actual slots. Many slots included in the Jackpot King do not actually carry individual jackpots within them. Instead, they have been modified to be part of the Jackpot King Network, and all punters have to do, is look out for the Jackpot King logo on the slots that are part of this jackpot scheme. Like Megabucks, this progressive jackpot game has created millionaires too.

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