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Skin reflectance spectra

According to earlier skin reflectance modeling, there were skin reflectance spectra calculated for skin with most common properties: Melanin (volume fraction 2% in Epidermis); hemoglobin HbO2 and Hb (150 g Hb/liter ) and Thickness of collagen tissue in papillary dermis about 0.1mm.


What are the parts of this spectrum? This spectrum can be exploded into several distinct spectra’s: Epidermis, Hemoglobin, There are also spectra’s of water and collagen substances, but they don’t play the leading role in our wavelength interval.


 As you can see melanin in epidermis absorbs the most of blue light ~470nm; hemoglobin absorbs green light ~252nm, and red light ~640nm and infrared 850 are used to define papillary dermis thickness because these wavelengths are less absorbed by melanin and hemoglobin.

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