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Simple ways to save energy

Energy is a central economic factor for any country and especially for any household in any nation.  Governments consider energy both as an economic impulsion and also as a political factor that can generate the much needed votes for any major election – consider the election of Barrack Obama, the United States President. However, while these governments seek more energy not all of them, in fact a few, consider Ways to save energy. That has always been left to the homeowners and business holders who have more to loose in terms of money if they don’t device simple time tested ways to save energy. It is for such that the simple ways to save energy is given because as earlier said they have more to loose.

Monitor the meter

They say that it is important to know your enemy before you set out to fight him; the same applies for the energy input devices in your home or business. You need to understand the amount of energy that your home or business uses per month.  This will offer you a valuable indicator of how much used and therefore how much can be saved per month. Moreover, it will be important to do a walking around to ascertain the important places and points where energy saving can be done.

Replace light bulbs with energy saving ones

This is a very simple energy saving tip to do but one that would save you a lot of energy and a ton of cash in the long run. In fact the traditional tungsten filament bulbs are being phased out, but before they do you better begin phasing them out and replacing them with the energy saving ones that use up to 80% less energy than their traditional, outmoded counterparts.

Radiators turning off or down

Make certain that no amount of furniture block your radiators as every time temperature goes down, about 8% of the costs of heating are saved. The turning off or down of the radiators should be especially heightened in places that are not in permanent use to save massive amounts of energy. This is a pretty simple way to save energy but also one that should be regarded as important if you really want to save on both energy levels and costs.

Don’t put thermostats in the droughts

Thermostats demand that to save on their energy they don’t get placed near any machinery that gives out energy or heat.  Direct sun rays are another place that you are advised not to place your thermostat in proximity to.

Check out for energy leaks

Most homeowners and business owners are never aware that the leaks via electrical lines contribute a large percentage in energy wastage. It is therefore important that you therefore check out for these leaks and using electrical powered tools as opposed to the compressed air variety will help you a great deal in curtailing the leaks.

Setting out the water supply degrees to 60 Celsius

This will help you prevent legionnaire’s disease and save a lot of energy at the same time. The heater is a common and merciless energy sapper and you therefore need to do all you can to ensure that it is not on or excessively heating water.

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