Show Your Talent by DIY a Sun Tracking Unit

Probably you saw the Sun tracking system before; however, do you have the urge to challenge yourself to make a Sun Tracking Unit?

First of all, get a tiny .7″x1.4″ PC board using the LED3X sensor concept. This circuit uses power MOSFET drivers, which most any DC motor can be used without any modification.

LED3X sensor concept

You might notice that the power drivers are good enough for delivering about 50 amps of peak current or even more. The current will increase accordingly to the transistor. This means the large power MOSFET, 72A, when operated in low power mode, will eliminate the transistor’s need for a heat sink. Cool, isn’t it?

The duty cycle can easily adjustable from 0% to almost 100%. The function of the duty cycle is to slow down the motor drive speed.

sun tracker

The LED Remote Sensor

The remote sensor can be configured in two ways:

1. The Single axis
2. The Dual axis

LED Remote Sensor

Besides that, it also exists in “parking” or “no-parking” on axes as well.

Hope you all will enjoy this fun DIY project. [Source]


  1. Hi
    what is the difference between this kind of sensors and LDR?
    is it better to use specially if Iam having 17watt solar panel.

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