Reasons Why Monitors are Better for Gaming

Are you a gamer? Who spends 70% of their day in front of a desktop or with the phone? 

If yes! Then this article is for you. The article gives you a detailed insight into why you should invest in a high-resolution monitor for playing games. 

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If you are a gamer, you would already know that playing games on a high-resolution monitor are a dream come true. The best game monitors come with a high resolution, good refresh rate. The clarity and the size of the monitor also matter.

Playing games with their gaming console with Xbox or PS4 seems to be a dream for every gamer. This is leading to more conversions from mobile gaming to PC. 

TV falters a little compared to the experience that gaming monitors provide in terms of smooth and fast features. As technology advances, more sophisticated gaming monitors are becoming available on the market. 

Why Should We Invest in a Good 5k or 8k Monitor?

A gamer might understand what exactly we mean by a 5k or 8k well-built monitor. But for the not-so-pro gamers, let us lay a simple definition. 

Today if we look into the gaming market, 4k gaming monitors are ruling the game. But advancement in technology is making available 5k and 8k gaming computers. 

What exactly differs in these monitors is the resolution of the screen?

The monitor resolution is the visual dimensions of any screen. The better the resolution is, the greater the clarity of the image.

Now for a 5k monitor, the image resolution is 5,120 × 2,880 pixels. The screen can be in two ratios: the 16:9 aspect ratio or the ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio. The 21:9 aspect ratio gives the ultimate gaming experience with a multi-monitor experience. 

When we talk about an 8K monitor, the image resolution will be 7680 × 4320 pixels giving a far better image clarity. 8K displays feature double the number of pixels as 4K monitors. Because 4K provided four times the resolution of Full HD. An 8K display has 16 times the resolution of a regular HD panel. But these gaming computers are more on the expensive side. 

Some of the best 5k and 8k monitors in the market are- 

  • Dell UltraSharp UP3218K 
  • MSI Prestige PS341WU
  • Samsung CRG90 144hz
  • Dell UltraSharp 49-inch (U4919DW)
  • LG 27MD5K-B Ultrafine 27-inch, and many more. 

Reasons Why Monitors are Better for Gaming

gaming with headset and monitor

1. Good Response Time 

When compared to gaming mobiles or even TV, monitors give the best response time. The response time of a screen is counted in microseconds. It is the speed that counts by how many microseconds a pixel changes from one color to another. 

A faster response time gives a seamless viewing when playing games. With its foggy and blurry visuals, a slower reaction pace may destroy a game in seconds. A slower response rate also produces the “trail” effect. 

A good response time is also directly proportional to a better refresh rate. From a manufacturer’s point of view, the response rate is how fast a pixel takes to move from gray-to-gray points. 

For a good gaming monitor, the response time and the input lag should be as little as possible. For a pro gamer, the response rate of even 5 milliseconds is fatal. 

2. Refresh Rate 

As earlier mentioned, monitors have a good refresh rate when compared to their counterparts. Initially, when TV was the main mode of playing games with gaming consoles, the refresh rate was 60Hz. We mean by 60Hz refresh rate that the image on the screen will change 60 times in a second.

But after the entry of Xbox, the gaming monitors have a refresh rate of 120Hz. This results in an even more enjoyable and smooth gaming experience. 

Modern Xboxes also support a feature called the “variable refresh rate.” 

3. Less Input Lag 

Another point that makes monitors better than TV or phone is less input lag. Input lag will occur if the instruction you are giving your system displays late on the screen. The time taken by the system to process the given set of instructions will be slow if the system takes a long time. 

TV has more input lag because it has to reduce noise and apply filters to improve image quality. This feature might be helpful when watching a movie, but it might create a hindrance to a smooth gaming experience. 

Monitors are built in such a way that they do not suffer latency. They send digital signals after receiving them immediately without delay. Few TVs come with an in-built gaming mode. They might decrease the latency from a few milliseconds, but it doesn’t beat the minimal input lag of gaming monitors. 

So, if you want a seamless yet powerful and fast gaming experience, a gaming monitor is your best option. 

4. Image Quality 

Though TV usually offers better picture quality than monitors. They often feature 1080p or 4K visual quality, which is not bad. While most displays offer a 1080p or 1440p picture resolution, the most recent image quality increase is 8K.

The TV is focused on generating raw visuals, which may be perceived as having more clarity. However, the majority of displays balance all of the requirements necessary for an excellent gaming experience. 

Most gaming laptops now have greater visual clarity thanks to the recent improvement of IPS displays.

5. Sync Technology 

This feature is readily available in most monitors today. If we are talking about sync technology, we count G-Sync and FreeSync. The main function of these two techniques is to remove the screen tearing. This technology syncs both the refresh rate and the frame rate. This results in an improved gaming experience. 

Though few TVs with gaming modes do have these features, the number is less compared to the availability of sync technology monitors. 


Among all the arguments put forward, monitors have the upper hand. Most gaming monitors are built with 5k or 8k resolution giving better image clarity. Also, they have less input lag, a better refresh rate, and minimum latency. 

TVs have been long popular among gamers. But with the advent of new technologies, more people are opting for gaming monitors.  

If you are playing games, you can choose TV, but a monitor might be your best choice if you are a pro gamer. 

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