Reasons to Use Parallax Web Design

Parallax design is a trendy web design that is now being used by websites all around the world. This web design is unique, and hence a website, that has parallax web design often gets high engagement.

In such a design, the foreground and background images move at varying speeds, thus, creating a 3D look. Many popular sites like Nike and Oakley use parallax scrolling to entice their visitors and increase engagement.

The design is getting extremely famous, which is why you can find parallax design on all platforms, including WordPress.

If you have not already turned to parallax scrolling, it is time to make that call. Here are a few reasons to use parallax scrolling:


Storytelling is a captivating way to keep your visitors glued to your story. They want to know what happens next, and hence will not bounce off your site right away.

With parallax scrolling, you can reveal your website like a story and keep your visitors guessing for what’s to come next. This can be useful for all kind of websites. Now imagine the impact where you announce the launch of a new product slowly revealing its features and then the product itself when the user scrolls all the way to the end of the page. The impact would be huge, and the user will absorb all the information.

Parallax scrolling turns your website into an interactive, virtual book-like experience.

Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is concerned with the number of visitors that come to your site but leave without going through your website’s content. This is a hard blow to any website because things may go south if a website’s bounce rate exceeds 40%.

Parallax scrolling can be of huge help in this regard. It is said to decrease the bounce rate by keeping users glued to a site. First of all, a parallax website is a one-page website, and it makes it convenient for the user to spend more time on the site.

Users are more likely to go through the content, which is in one place, in this case, on one page. Hence, parallax websites can help reduce bounce rate and bring in more visitors.

Secondly, by way of storytelling, you can force people to stick to your site till they reach the ‘end’ of the story.

Captivating User Experience

Parallax web design can improve the overall user experience as such websites are easy to navigate and mobile-friendly.

Australia’s Nintendo website seems to be enjoying the benefits of using a parallax website design quite well. They have employed the parallax scrolling feature that seems to be doing wonders for the site.

Increase Productivity

Every business website aims to generate sales and improve ROI. Parallax website design helps you do that.

You can use this feature and promote your products or services. This way, the impact would be strong, and you may find greater success.


The benefits of parallax scrolling are clear. Ask your develop about how you can use this feature to get greater results.

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