Online Tools You Can Use In Splitting PDF Files

The problem that we encounter with PDF files is that sometimes, the PDF file is too large. Because of that, we are unable to send them through email, and that we need to reduce its size. Another problem is that sometimes, it’s a hassle to read everything in the PDF file to look for whatever is necessary.

pdf merge split

There are many ways to reduce the size of your PDF files, such as splitting, reducing, compressing, and more. The splitting PDF files help users select which pages they want and what they find necessary to save in a separate PDF file. It will also help reduce the size of the document.

Nowadays, so many sites on the internet are provided where we can use online tools for free in the browser or download them to our desktop or mobile devices. The following are the most popular sites for online tools and more to split your PDF files:


EasePDF is an online platform for PDF splitting, merging, converting, cropping, editing, etc. The mission of EasePDF is to provide easy, secure, and free tools to help to solve the daily problems of all PDF users.


To split PDF online on EasePDF, it only requires three simple steps. Firstly, you upload your PDF file. The file can be from your local devices such as computers, cellphones, tablets, etc, and from cloud drives like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. Next, select the pages you want to split. When you finish the setting, hit the “Split PDF” button and your PDF will be processed. Finally, you download the output PDF documents.

PDF Bear

For clients looking for a free online tool where you can split pdf files, you can head to PDF Bear. This online tool is free to use and offers a paid subscription to have more access to the online tool.

When you reach the site, they will provide you with instructions to follow, which are easy to understand. PDF Bear allows its users to access their tools on desktop and mobile. Another good thing about this is they assure the users’ easy access and security. 


This tool allows users to remove the password of a PDF file, and the great thing about it is that it’s free. ILovePDF has a feature where you can convert image files into a PDF file and extract them from a PDF file.

There are so many other features that this tool has and will make the user’s experience better. You can also import files or documents from your Google Drive and even Dropbox with this tool.

If you’re looking for a software tool with no unnecessary features, then is for you since it will not require its users to subscribe to an account and a paid subscription. This tool will allow you not just to split your file, but also to unlock and lock your PDF files.

Users who speak languages such as Japanese, Thai, Italian, and 12 other languages allowed in their site will be able to translate the website to these languages. Aside from that, it will be easy and accessible to all users of

Soda PDF

This Chrome extension will permit you to part your enormous PDF documents into littler ones. Much like the great free online tools and Chrome extensions, they empower clients to convert any file formats that are compatible with Soda PDF to a PDF document and the other way around. 

Another component is you can add a secret password to keep your documents made sure about and hidden. You can also turn it on and off in your Chrome settings anytime you want—there so many more features to mention about this online tool.


PDF2Go is a free online tool for splitting PDF pages. However, it has cons when the document surpasses the maximum length for the free form. For more access, the online tool will require its clients to buy into their devices to access or split them.

Users might be discouraged from using this tool since it has its limits, and you need to pay to access its full version, but the online tool makes sure that your paid subscription will be worth it since it will give you more access and a lot of useful features.


Users will always have freedom on which tools or software they want to use in conveniently doing things. These days there are so many options we can choose, whether it’s free or paid. We will always look for ways or methods to make our tasks easier to finish, and the internet provides those services for all users.

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