Top Picks: 5 Outstanding PC Games

People nowadays agree with the thought that learning through games is great. It is astonishing how computer or PC games could benefit a gamer and help improve a user’s mental capabilities. Because it increases your problem-solving skills, keeping an active mind can increase reflexes and enhance the gamer’s ability to multitask.


Gameplay strategies can help a lot when applied in real life. Some say that it can develop the way you make decisions on a day-to-day basis. If you are looking for the best of the best games available that are unquestionably enjoyable, listed below are sorted-out award-winning PC games that will surely captivate your gaming desires.

Rainbow Six Siege

Of course, gamers would opt to look for the best pc games available; Rainbow Six Siege developers successfully created this program, which later took a spot in the top list of best games of 2020. Aurelia Arnot and its administrators developed Rainbow Six Siege with new enhancements. 

Specs assembled are made to increase counter threats. It comes with operators or characters that are available for the players to use. Each of them has different nationalities and comes with a variety of gadgets and weapons. Many might not have the idea that you can play units of Counterterrorism in this game since it includes FBI SWAT, Spetsnaz, GSG-9, GIGN, and SAS. You can choose from many game modes such as Hostage, Tactical realism, Bomb, Terrorist Hunt, Situations, and even Outbreak. All of these features combined make it a great tactical game.

Apex Legends

This game received positive feedback from a group of game critics and was elevated by its incredible gameplay, system, and blending of various genres. It may be a big contender for the game Fortnite which is closely similar to each other and earned a large scale of popularity in the previous years. 

Features were so well-formed that they instantly copied to Fortnite. It commended the different ways of respawning to a different level where a typical battle royale should work. The battle royale community has become immersed since PUBG began. Apex legends led through the top charts and became the most prominent games out there.  

Assassins Creed Odyssey

This game draws more attention to a different element, Role Playing, when matched to the previous games in their series. It has options for various dialogues, with added quests and multiple endings. This game used to be a console exclusive, but developers came up with a system to play on PCs.

The player can decide who they want to be as the main character. The player can also create the game character by their artist. It highlights a different kind of system where greedy, money-oriented characters chase them if a crime has been committed. It emphasizes naval combat again, giving access to players to seek warships and finally explore the sea. The war system can vary and can influence a region. 

Call of Duty: Warzone

The Warzone does not just reveal the game’s late Battle Royale experience. A different gameplay mode called Plunder is now accessible, and some say it could be the next big thing. Compared to other battle royales, some force you to get the best of what you can scavenge, but here in Warzone, it changes the player’s focus on collecting as much money as the player can and eventually getting the loadout of their choice. 

Even though it may be the most pricey thing to purchase right now, three can quickly deduce cash when starting a match to secure loadout. It results in astounding gunplays with powerful and effective campaigns with crazy customization of weapons in the multiplayer system. This game is said to give players a different battle royale experience. 

Devil May Cry 5

The gameplay of Devil May Cry 5 is somehow different from its other releases. There are various options when it comes to enemy battles. A player receives a style rating that depends on their movements, length of the combos, and attacks. The characters have skills that are different from other skill sets from the outdated versions. 

A lot of the skills do a different kind of attack in arena battles. There are improvements in the characters. Some of them transform into Cavaliere nunchaku, which was already known in the late third edition of the game. A lot of gamers were excited when its developer upgraded the game since it was substantially enhanced.


PC Games are assorted. Games created would not fit some players because it’s not for everyone’s liking, but what matters most is that you will enjoy the games you are playing. A gamer should note that PC games can connect people from different countries and always a PC game that fits you.  

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