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A lot of people think that a world without money would be a utopia. Everyone would just get along, and we’d all share the resources that are given by the state. There have been attempts to turn that into reality since the main idea came from Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

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Their ideas were taken from communists, and they wanted to take the money from the rich capitalists and distribute it evenly to everyone. Even though that ended up as a massive failure and a lot of famine, there are still individuals that believe that money will disappear.  Visit this page for more info

Living in a utopia sounds good, but the reality is quite different. Goods will never be available for free, and society cannot organize itself without money. Two prime examples of that are China and North Korea, which are communist states but find it impractical to get rid of money. But that raises the question, what type of money should all states use?

The money problem

Since every country has its own currency, it’s tough to determine how we should define money. Does the dollar represent money, or is it the other way around? Modern currencies like the dollar are based on the notion that value should be determined by trust in the economy.

As long as we all think that the government and the central banks are doing a great job, then the system will work. Well, there’s only one problem with that theory. There’s no way to measure trust. And what can’t be measured can’t be improved upon or analyzed. 

Luckily, we have price differentials that tell us how things are looking. With a hefty 8 percent inflation, things are not looking great. The only way out of the hellhole that comes along with inflation is gold, which is the ultimate representation of money. Paper assets are subject to different economic climates, while gold glides peacefully. That’s why a lot of people are choosing to go for a gold IRA rollover. 

Things to know about a gold IRA rollover

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Usually, when people start working, they have to sign a document and create an individual retirement account. The basic choice is Roth or traditional, and most people don’t know the difference between the two. It’s a good choice for people who don’t care too much about their future since the entire agreement is based on paper certificated which can lose value over time.

Here’s a simple example that makes it clearer. If you had 100 dollars in your pocket in the 1980s, and you take them out now, will you be able to buy more things? The answer is no because inflation has nibbled on the currency for years.

However, if you had 100 dollars’ worth of gold in the 1980s and you take out the ounce today, it’s going to be worth close to 2000 dollars. That’s a massive return on investment. The same thing is true about investing your money in an IRA. Visit this website to read more.

If you’ve got a retirement account that you want to switch to self-directed, then the process is called a rollover. Because the United States banned gold in 1933 and made it publicly tradeable in 1974, people have a hard time believing in the metal. They believe that the growth in price takes too long since they haven’t been exposed to it for too long. 

When you plan on moving the funds from a Roth, SEP< or Traditional IRA, the only thing you need is a transfer request and an application. This needs to include the amount that you want to move, the account number, personal information such as your name, and your custodian.

It’s considered to be a direct transfer because you’re not taking the money out of the account. Instead, the only thing that changes is the possession of your assets. It’s going to take two weeks for this process to be completed, which isn’t a lot of time.

Can you do a rollover from a 401k

The short answer is yes, but the process will take longer, and it’s more complicated. Transitioning the funds from a 401k usually happens when you retire or when you change jobs. You need to be below 60 years old in order to qualify and decide whether you want to go for a direct or an indirect option.

In any case, you have two months to finish the entire Gold IRA rollover process and re-deposit the existing funds. If you’re 59 years old and you want to do this, there’s also going to be a 10 percent penalty if you choose to go for the indirect option.

Initiating the process can be done over the phone, and you don’t have to go to the bank. Finally, you need to know that you’re allowed one rollover per year, but you can change custodians without any restrictions.

How to choose a good company?

Looking for a vendor online will only make you confused because every site claims to be the best in the business. However, most of those sites are just paid affiliates and make a commission when they redirect you to another vendor.

Plus, there are loads of free promotions that claim you get extra precious metals for your money. That’s simply not true, and those promos could cost you 20 percent on all of your investments. The same thing is true about websites claiming to have zero custodian fees and free rollovers. That’s a service that will cost you a lot in the future. 

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