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Key Principles to Add Your Logo on Custom Labels

According to various studies, customers make their buying decisions in just seconds, and these decisions are based on their first impressions about a particular brand, product or service. If you want to gain the attention of people as a business, then it’s essential to get your logo printed on the custom labels of your business. The customized labels from StickerYou.com create the first impression of the business, and that should be good enough so that the people may not be able to resist from buying from your brand.  Following mentioned are the rules to follow while getting the logo printed on the labels.

Logo on Custom Labels


Keep your labels simple. Remember not to confuse simple with boring because simplicity not always is boring; instead, it creates uniqueness.  People are attracted towards stuff they find to be unique. Don’t put a shiny bright logo on the label you are going to get customized as it may look over. Your primary focus is to catch the attention of people, and something unique can do it better. Don’t think of making a busy logo instead try having a simplified design by avoiding unnecessary shapes and elements in your business logo. Don’t create a mess of colours alternatively select an underlying colour theme based on your type of business and business theme.


Not only gaining the attention of people is enough; instead, you have to retain that attention you have got by using the logo of your brand.  Design the logo in a way that people remember it. Make a logo that catches attention as well as retains it. You can add easily recognizable photos or icons in the logo so that people can quickly identify it whenever they see it again. Using vibrant and unusual colours can help you a lot in this aspect.


Versatility is essential as it creates a difference. Versatility in your business logo can make your life easy and straightforward. A logo when is designed expertly, it is then able to work across through different applications and mediums effectively, and ultimately it becomes a huge success. While you are thinking about making your logo versatile, you have some points to keep your focus on. You can think about making your logo in a black n white combination to add a touch of versatility in it. You can decide about the scale you want that logo to be on.


Creating a logo for your business would help in making your company a brand. It should be adequate so that the people won’t ignore it once they come across it. Appropriateness of a logo is hard to define in simple words, but the logo should be designed in a way that it reflects what your business is all about. The logo should be made precisely the way your business is, or it should depict the features and qualities of your business. Displaying your business in your logo doesn’t mean you have to show what you provide. It’s just to portray what you are and how you are.

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