The Location of Apple is Reportedly Changing on the Upcoming iPhone

Most of iPhone users brag a lot about the apple that is at the of the good-looking device. The Apple logo is loved by many and it is one of the why users fancy the iPhone devices. However, we are not sure if the new development regarding the Apple logo is going to sit well with iPhone users.

Reports are saying that the Apple logo may be shifting downwards on the new upcoming iPhone device.  The new iPhone is illustrated as the iPhone XS and you should prepare your pocket so that you can cash in for this new and magnificent once the new device has been officially announced, did you know you can also play online betting on this iPhone.

 iPhone Logo

What You Need to Know About New iPhone Logo

The new iPhone has made a lot of news lately. And what has surprised most people when it comes to some of its features is the apple logo.

The logo will be changed down to the centre of the back of the iPhone 11. Most people usually know the logo is positioned on the top-third portion.

This new and centred logo is no longer there to act as an Apple logo or an amusing design. Rather it is going to show users where they can charge their Air pods as well as Apple watches as the device will be capable to offer users wireless charging. 

This development is absolutely innovative especially if you are some who fancy Apple devices. You will charger your Apple watch using your iPhone and it’s getting better and better for you.

All you need to do is to lay the watch or the Airpods at the back of the iPhone to charge. The good thing about this new development is that the changing of the Apple logo will not stop you to play Australian casino games for real money using this top-notch iPhone XS or 11. Apple will make an announcement about this device on the 17th of September 2019.

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