How to Create an Unforgettable MMORPG World

The hype over MMORPG can be quite a mystery for someone who never played such a game before. After all, when all you know are 2-player games, how could you understand the intricacies of such a complicated universe?

So, if you want to explain the charm of the MMORPG world to a noob and you don’t exactly know how to express your admiration towards it, here are some of the elements that may convince them. By a lucky coincidence, these are also the elements that make the best MMORPG worlds so challenging to set aside and do your work.

Game Play

An unforgettable MMORPG world will have you doing all sorts of quests, from conquering the neighboring country/tribe to finding a piece of machinery that you’ll need on a superior level. Games like World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy are unique because they don’t just have PvP mode; they also offer the possibility to interact with secondary characters, explore different worlds each time you log in, and collaborate with other characters.


No MMORPG is good without a story that flows and charms the player with wonderful imagery, haunting music, and impressive storytelling. It’s just not possible!

I’ll take the same examples I did above and have you check the stories – they are soul-shattering and make you want to be the winning character. You understand why you need to play the game and why your main character is so invested in their quest.

Not to mention, the graphic details in MMORPG nowadays are so well-designed, you tend to forget about the real world.

Character Customization

Speaking of characters, a good MMORPG will have you spend hours in customization alone. From clothes, weapons, gadgets, appearance, and strength, to the color of their eyes, games nowadays allow you to make your character as unique as you want.

This creates a strong bond between the character and player, and in many cases, you identify yourself with the character.

Character Progression

In order to go through levels and feel accomplished by doing so, the game has each character moving through an upward progression. This means your favorite guy or gal in the game will get new and better weapons, will have better gadgets, more strength, and a completely different appearance by the end of the game.

In my opinion, it is very satisfying to see a character going from weak or mediocre to badass!

Open World

The super-cool thing about an MMORPG is that it provides all sorts of players with a lot of ground in a world without end. You could lose yourself in the environment, and there will always be something new to see and explore!

Some players even recognize that the only reason why they play a specific game is for the joy of exploring the surroundings and interacting with non-player characters.


A multiplayer online game gives you the excellent possibility of getting in touch with people from all parts of the world and all walks of life. These are people that share the same passion for a specific online game, which creates a powerful community with members who support each other and even come up with new ways to make the game better.

Each massive MMORPG out there comes with a beautiful online community that can help beginners move through the challenging levels and can provide advice where necessary.


I already touched on the topic of graphics in this article, but I believe it is essential to have a separate section just for it. The level of graphics is indeed extremely high-quality in most MMORPGs (just have a look at WoW of Final Fantasy).

This is possible because the games run online, so you don’t have to install the game on your computer. Of course, you will still have to own a decent graphic card for the game to work at optimum parameters, but your unit doesn’t have to support the full load of the game.

But, if you don’t have a sound card, don’t despair! You can still play cool games, like, that will make you feel like you’re part of a vast online community.

Good Customer Service

Finally, it is essential for the company that created the MMORPG to continue supporting the game. This means releasing updates that fix bugs identified by users, answering players’ questions, and getting involved in the online community created around the game.

Overall, MMORPGs can be fantastic, but the elements described above are crucial for a successful release.

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