How to Change your IP address to That of Another Country

Your IP address is tied to your actual physical location. If you were ever wondering if you could actually change this so that it looks like you are actually from a different country, then you should know that this is definitely possible.

You can change your IP address if you use a VPN. In the linked article it’s explained how a VPN works and what it actually does. This will make it look like as if you are located in a different country. There are plenty of options to choose from, but to make things easier for you, we definitely recommend you compare scores on and similar independent websites that analyze vpn services.

Below you will find the steps described that you will have to do in order to change your IP:

Get a VPN

First, you need to get a VPN app and install it onto your device. You can search for VPN reviews online in order to find the ones that work best and live up to the things that they promise. You should be looking for a speedy VPN has advanced encryption and is located in a privacy-friendly jurisdiction.

Install the VPN and choose a server

Next, you will have to install the VPN app onto your device. After this is done all you need to do is to launch it and select a server in the country of your choice. The VPN will then establish a connection to that server.

The way a VPN works is that it’s the server you have chosen that is actually accessing the website you are about to visit. It’s not actually your device that does the point of contact with the visited website.

This means that it will be impossible for third-party websites and even the government to track you.

Keep in mind it will usually take around 10 seconds for a VPN connection to be established. Once that is done you are ready to go.

Press launch and securely browse the internet

And lastly, all you have to do is to press connect or launch in your VPN app.

Everything you do after this will be securely encrypted, and no third party will be able to get any of your online data.

Why should you use a VPN?

There are several reasons why someone should use a VPN. The first reason is that it will prevent third-party websites from tracking you. It will also prevent your ISP from seeing what kind of things you are doing on the internet. It will also prevent government censorship in case you are living in a country with such measures.

A VPN will allow you to access websites and web content that is geo-blocked in your country. With a good VPN, you can choose a server and an IP address from almost any country on the planet and, as such, have access to content and websites only available in those countries.

A widespread use of a VPN is to access streaming websites like Netflix. You may be aware that Netflix only shows certain content in certain countries only. The USA Netflix database is the biggest one, so if you are not located in the US you will not be able to access all content without a VPN.

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